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Flaxseed frenzy: is this ‘Natural Botox’ the real deal or just a seed-uctive myth?



Flaxseed botox: TikTok’s newest wrinkle trend or just seed-sational hype?

The glitz and glam of the party season isn’t just about shimmer and sparkle—it’s also the time when DIY beauty hacks take the internet by storm. Move over, red velvet makeup and glitter eyeliner! This year’s headliner? Flaxseed Botox. Yep, you read that right. TikTok’s buzzing with a whopping 30.1 million views, all in pursuit of that natural, wrinkle-smoothing magic.

Picture this: DIY Botox with just water and flaxseeds. Sounds like a recipe for flawless skin, right? Videos galore showcasing the ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots of barely-there lines turning into super-smooth skin have flooded the platform.

In the spotlight is influencer Drea Hespen, swearing by flaxseed Botox, likening its texture to “goopy egg whites” and claiming that once it dries, the results are undeniable. “You can immediately see it working,” she gushes, adding that it almost freezes your facial muscles.

Then there’s Jenna, revealing her secret recipe for the viral mask: two tablespoons of flaxseeds, two cups of water, a dash of hob heat, and voilà! She strains the mixture through cheesecloth, leaving behind a thick, clear gel promising skin-tightening wonders.

Jenna’s video boasting 1.9 million likes features her forehead feeling as stiff as a board. But here’s the million-pound question: is this Botox in a bowl a legit rival to those pricey injectables?

Before you hop on this seed-sational trend, rewind to the egg white facial frenzy that swept TikTok earlier. Remember that? It promised to banish blackheads but, well, results were mixed at best. Now, flaxseeds are having their moment, touted for digestive health in the wellness world. But hold up! Doctors specializing in aesthetics are quick to debunk the notion that these tiny seeds can rival the Botox effect.

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Dr. Sophie Shotter, the boss at Illuminate Skin Clinic, sets the record straight: “Sure, flaxseed masks might give a fleeting tightness, but let’s be real here—this isn’t Botox.” She educates us, explaining how Botox, a purified toxin from bacteria, plays nerve-muscle games, creating muscle relaxation that lasts months. Flaxseeds? Nope, they don’t pack this crucial toxin punch.

But hey, don’t ditch those flaxseeds just yet! Dr. Shotter spills the beans—omega-3 fatty acids in flaxseeds can be skin superheroes, offering hydration. But hold your horses; smearing whole seeds on your face won’t do the trick. Grind them up, eat them for that omega-3 goodness, but there’s zilch evidence they’ll absorb magically through your skin.

So, there you have it! Flaxseed Botox might not be the wrinkle wizard we hoped for, but those seeds still have a role to play. Don’t believe the hype, folks—sometimes, the true magic lies in the science, not the seed.


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