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Fashion trends to ditch in 2024: Stylists reveal the looks they won’t miss



From No-Pants Fiasco to Tabi Shoes Fiasco: Fashionistas bid farewell to 2023’s most controversial trends

As we bid farewell to 2023, stylists and fashionistas reflect on the year’s sartorial highs and lows, with some trends standing out as memorable for all the wrong reasons. While fashion is inherently subjective, experts unanimously agree on waving goodbye to certain fads that may have missed the mark. Here’s a roundup of the trends that won’t be missed as we step into the new year. 

  • No-Pants Trend: 
No pants trend

Stylist Comment: “The no-pants trend was by far my least favorite fashion moment from 2023. When I look at all the trends from the past year, this one is the least wearable, the most ridiculous, and will be the one that future us look back on with a ‘what were we thinking?!’ sentiment.” – Ashlyn Greer, Co-founder of Fashivly. 

  • Tabi Shoes: 
tabi shoes
“La Feet Tabi Sneakers/La Feet Anti HALLUX VALGUS Tabi Shoes Sneakers -“ by Doc Japonista, Flickr

Stylist Comment: “There is no nice way to say this … they’re hideous. The split-toe shoes come in a variety of styles and colors, but they all have one thing in common: they look like a horse hoof and are a no for me.” – Letam “Ley” Duson. 

  • Y2K Revival: 

Stylist Comment: “My least favorite of all has to be low-rise jeans trying to have a moment again! Let’s leave those to Britney Spears and Britney Spears only!” – Kendra Sharpe, Wardrobe Stylist. 

  • Opera Gloves: 
Embed from Getty Images

Stylist Comment: “This trend can absolutely work on some occasions, with a very specific look but not always in my eyes. It does feel as though this trend has been overdone throughout 2023.” – Zadrian Smith. 

  • Micro Bags: 
Embed from Getty Images

Stylist Comment: “After fighting to fit even a cell phone into these adorable yet highly inefficient bags, I was just as quickly over it!” – Chelsea Volpe. 

  • Jean Maxi Skirts: 
Jean Maxi
Free Stock photos by Vecteezy

Stylist Comment: “The floor-grazing, denim maxi skirt trend had a moment this year, albeit brief. In truth, the boho chic look is tough to pull off. Denim tends to be coarse, heavy, and stiff fabric and when there’s a lot of it, it quickly overwhelms.” – Elizabeth Kosich. 

  • Ballet Flats: 
ballet flats
Image by master1305 on Freepik

Stylist Comment: “Give me a block heel or wedge any day over a ballet flat ― a shoe reminiscent of the beyond-basic Upper East Side Park Avenue grandma running to Butterfield Market for fro-yo or better yet jetting to Sant Ambroeus for Sunday Brunch.” – Chelsea Volpe. 

  • Fringe: 
Image by diana_mironenko on Freepik

Stylist Comment: “I don’t think the trend is ghastly per se. It’s just that I could live without it in my closet.” – Annette Harris. 

  • Oversized Blazers: 
oversized blazer
Image by Freepik

Stylist Comment: “The excessive use of fabric raises eco-friendliness issues in a world increasingly focused on sustainability. Additionally, the practicality problem arises, as many struggle to carry off the oversized blazer style without feeling overwhelmed by excess material.” – Stephanie Stimmler. 

  • Friendship Bracelets: 
Image by Freepik

Stylist Comment: “They add nothing to a look, style-wise, and are pretty distracting. Kitschy but not cute.” – Letam “Ley” Duson. 

  • Peplum: 
Embed from Getty Images

Stylist Comment: “It’s not every day a trend comes back to haunt you and this one sure did.” – Kendra Sharpe. 

  • Metallics: 
Image by master1305 on Freepik

Stylist Comment: “In my humble style opinion, the ‘metallic’ fashion trend is too much of a good thing. I’m not an enthusiast of the metallic trend because it’s a limited look ― something you’d mostly wear just a few times, say during the holiday or to a party.” – Annette Harris. 

  • Sheer Dresses: 
sheer dress
Image by Anastasia Kazakova on Freepik

Stylist Comment: “While self-expression is a cornerstone of fashion, I believe that the bra-and-panties reveal might be a step in the wrong direction. This trend blurs the line between tasteful and overly provocative.” – Ariana Weisner. 

As the fashion world eagerly awaits the trends of 2024, these experts hope for a more refined and universally appealing palette. 


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