Saturday, May 18, 2024
Saturday May 18, 2024
Saturday May 18, 2024

Viral claim about ‘The Exorcist Abduction’ movie with Machine Gun Kelly revealed as satire



A satirical post about a fictional movie starring Machine Gun Kelly gained traction online, but the film is not scheduled for release

A recent Facebook post by the satirical page YODA BBY ABY ignited excitement and confusion among fans with its announcement of a new movie, “The Exorcist Abduction,” purportedly starring singer and actor Machine Gun Kelly. The post, which quickly went viral, claimed the film was set to hit theatres in October 2024 and described a gripping plot involving demonic possession and a suspense-filled rescue.

The post showcased a movie poster featuring Machine Gun Kelly in what was described as his “breakout role” as Max Gimble, a character who discovers that the child he has abducted is battling a demonic force. The detailed poster and the intriguing storyline led to significant engagement online, with thousands of reactions, comments, and shares.

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However, scrutiny of the source revealed that the post was entirely fictional. The Facebook page YODA BBY ABY, known for its humorous and satirical content, clearly states in its description that it deals in satire and fake news. This isn’t the first time the page has created fictional narratives; it has previously released satirical posts about popular shows and movies that have misled audiences.

The viral nature of the post underscores the challenge of distinguishing between legitimate news and satire in the digital age, where the line between the two can often appear blurred.


The phenomenon of satirical posts being mistaken for real news highlights several key issues in media consumption today. Firstly, it reflects the rapid spread of information on social media and the ease with which content can go viral without verification. Secondly, it points to the need for critical media literacy among internet users to discern the credibility of sources and the authenticity of news.

From a sociological perspective, this incident exemplifies how popular culture icons like Machine Gun Kelly can become focal points for viral misinformation, demonstrating the power of celebrity in the digital landscape. The engagement with the post also indicates a strong public appetite for thrilling and supernatural content, which satirical creators often exploit to capture attention.

Economically, while such satirical posts do not generate direct revenue from fictional movies, they do engage a significant number of users online, which can translate to advertising revenue for the platforms hosting them. Politically, the spread of misinformation, even in jest, contributes to the broader dialogue about the role of social media in news dissemination and the responsibilities of platforms to control fake news


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