Friday, May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024

Exclusive: Glamorous NYE party outfits unveiled by thrifters, from £10 silk jackets to £8.99 dresses!



Embracing second-hand glamour: How thrifted outfits are taking over New Year’s Eve celebrations

As the New Year dawns, the age-old “New Year, New Me” vibe is in full swing. But amid the rush for fresh beginnings, a growing number of trendsetters are flipping the script, opting for something vintage to ring in 2024.

Oxfam’s latest research reveals a surprising shift: 1 in 3 shoppers are eyeing second-hand outfits for their New Year’s Eve celebrations, challenging the norm and making a sustainable style statement.

With expenses on the rise and a collective desire to combat climate change, the allure of pre-loved fashion is gaining traction. Three seasoned secondhand fashion aficionados share their thrifting journeys and unveil their fabulous New Year’s Eve ensembles.

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Lesley Wright, a self-proclaimed ‘shopping stalwart,’ has made a habit of scoring treasures while saving both money and the planet. For her, New Year’s Eve glam stems from her existing wardrobe, sourced primarily from charity shops. Her mantra? “Who put the P in my party? Pre-loved, that’s who.” Lesley’s vibrant outfits, including a shimmering gold bow headband and a striking pink ringmasters peplum jacket, tell tales of thrifted elegance.

Zara Canfield, having bid farewell to new clothing purchases in 2019, found her thrifting passion during Oxfam’s Second Hand September. Half her wardrobe now flaunts vintage finds, including a flowery Hell Bunny dress and a versatile jumpsuit, both sourced at a fraction of their original costs.

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Megan Brown, on a four-year second-hand spree, curates her ensembles for comfort and fun, always with an eco-conscious approach. Her festive outfit, featuring a pink beret and a pink faux fur jacket, embodies sustainable chicness while being kind to the planet.

These thrifting champions urge others to join the pre-loved movement, emphasising the thrill of the hunt and the environmental pride in choosing recycled fashion. As Megan rightly puts it, “Sustainability isn’t just a movement; it’s a trend in itself.” So, this party season, rediscover your wardrobe, celebrate uniqueness, and stand out with playful, sustainable style.


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