Sunday, May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024

Exclusive airline feature ignites buzz among flyers, termed a ‘game changer



Bluetooth Takes Flight: Airlines Embrace Wireless Headphones for In-Flight Entertainment!

Long-haul flights often spell movie time, but the perennial headphone dilemma has plagued many travelers—no wired headphones on hand! Some airlines hawk earphones at sky-high prices, adding salt to the wound.

But fear not, aficionados of AirPods and other wireless wonders! Enter the era of Bluetooth connectivity with in-flight screens. Delta Airlines, known for dishing out earbuds (albeit not the comfiest for binge-watching), has revamped its screens to sync with Bluetooth devices.


A TikToker, Elise Brulotte, shared her ecstatic find, hailing it as a ‘game changer.’ Her video sparked a frenzy of excitement among users, lauding the overdue feature.

Elise’s revelation garnered 595,000 views within a day, showcasing the collective joy over Bluetooth’s compatibility. And while praise poured in for this technological leap, movie choices became a talking point. ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ won favor as ‘the superior airplane movie,’ but ‘Magic Mike’ sparked a different kind of conversation.

During a Bali to Australia flight, a viewer of ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’ received an unexpected note from a fellow passenger, offering a prayer for forgiveness. Cue the amusement and a dash of cheeky humor at the thought that ‘watching Magic Mike warrants divine intervention.’

Seems like in-flight entertainment just got a tech upgrade—and a dose of unexpected comedy! Bluetooth may just have become the hero of the sky.


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