Friday, May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024

Enigma of the deep: Japan’s underwater ‘pyramid’ continues to baffle experts



Is this ancient monument the real-life Atlantis? Dive into the mystery of Yonaguni

Venture beneath the waves, and Japan unveils a mystery as intriguing as the fabled Atlantis – the enigmatic Yonaguni Monument. Discovered by local diver Kihachiro Aratake in 1987 near Japan’s Yonaguni island, this pyramid-like structure, standing nine meters tall with its peak just five meters below the surface, has captivated the world.

Believed to be the remnants of an ancient civilization dating back 10,000 years, the Yonaguni Monument is shrouded in speculation. Some suggest it might have been a thriving hub, featuring castles, temples, a stadium, and even roads.

Aratake, the man behind the discovery, stumbled upon the monument by pure coincidence during a dive. “I was very emotional when I found it. Upon discovering it, I realized that this would become a treasure of Yonaguni island. I kept it a secret. I didn’t tell anyone on my staff,” he revealed to the BBC.

Despite Aratake’s conviction that the monument is man-made, debates persist. Professor Masaaki Kimura of Ryukyu University, part of the team researching the formations, labeled the site as “very difficult to explain away their origin as being purely natural.” The mysterious spiral staircase within the structure adds to the intrigue.

Theories abound regarding the builders, with one suggesting the Jōmon people, early inhabitants dating back to 12,000 BC. However, the scientific community remains divided. While some geologists argue it could be Japan’s version of Atlantis, others contend it’s a peculiar natural formation.

Robert Schoch, a Boston University professor, emphasized the geological aspect, stating, “It’s basic geology and classic stratigraphy for sandstones.” On the opposing side, Ryukyu University’s Takayuki Ogata, who visited the site in 2016, sees similarities between the formations on land and underwater.

The Yonaguni Monument remains one of the world’s greatest mysteries, with the origins yet to be conclusively proven. Dive into the depths of speculation and intrigue as experts continue to unravel the secrets hidden beneath the waves.


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