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Egypt engages in ceasefire talks with Hamas amidst tragedy: 100 lives lost in Christmas eve strikes



International leaders, including Pope and Archbishop, urge an end to bloodshed as Egypt brokers peace

The urgency for a ceasefire in Gaza has escalated following Egypt’s initiation of talks with Hamas, in the aftermath of devastating Christmas Eve airstrikes that claimed the lives of 100 individuals. Despite rejection by the terror group Hamas of Egypt’s proposal for surrender to Israel in exchange for a lasting truce, there remains a glimmer of hope as Israel’s war cabinet deliberates on the plan.

The proposed ceasefire deal not only aims to bring an end to hostilities between Hamas and Israel but also includes provisions for the release of 132 hostages held since the incursion into Israel by Hamas on October 7. As the international community anxiously awaits the outcome of these negotiations, the tragic events have prompted calls for a cessation of violence from influential figures such as the Pope and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.

In a powerful Christmas Day message from the Vatican, Pope Francis expressed his grief for the victims of the October 7 attack, reiterating his plea for the release of hostages. He called for an end to military operations that have led to the loss of innocent civilian lives and urged a resolution to the dire humanitarian situation through increased access for humanitarian aid.

The Archbishop, in his Christmas Day sermon at Canterbury Cathedral, shed light on the conflict and drew attention to anti-Semitism in the UK. Justin Welby emphasized the fear-filled skies over Bethlehem and the plight of a crying child, symbolizing the suffering endured by innocent civilians caught in the crossfire.

The situation in Gaza remains dire, with recent Israeli airstrikes causing significant casualties, including at least 70 lives lost in Maghazi and 23 in Khan Younis. Additional strikes in al-Bureij and al-Nuseirat further intensified the humanitarian crisis. The Gaza health ministry reported at least 12 casualties from an Israeli strike in the central Al-Zawaida area.

As the international community watches the developments closely, hopes for a ceasefire persist, providing a glimmer of optimism amid the tragic events unfolding in Gaza. The plea for peace resonates globally, with world leaders and citizens alike urging an end to the violence and a collective commitment to humanitarian relief.


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