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Eerie discovery: Unexplained Boeing 737 emerges in Bali field, puzzling locals



Mystery surrounds abandoned aircraft near Pandawa Beach – origin and purpose unknown

In an enigmatic turn of events, a Boeing 737 has materialized in the heart of a field in Bali, near Pandawa Beach, leaving locals and authorities baffled by its unexplained presence.

The mysterious Boeing Flight 373 found itself grounded near Pandawa Beach, sparking bewilderment as no one can ascertain its intended destination or the circumstances leading to its peculiar landing. The aircraft remains untouched since its mysterious arrival in the Limestone Quarry near the Raya Nusa Dua Selatan Highway.

Speculations and theories have surfaced, adding to the mystique surrounding the abandoned Boeing. Among the local whispers, some suggest a wealthy entrepreneur initially placed the aircraft with plans to transform it into a restaurant. However, this intriguing tale lacks official confirmation.

While attracting the curiosity of urban explorers seeking unique encounters, the aircraft is fenced off, limiting access to a mere viewpoint. Despite its magnetic allure, the secrets behind its sudden appearance and the lack of any known purpose persist.

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Strangely enough, this isn’t the only abandoned Boeing 737 in Bali. Another rests near a Dunkin’ Donuts branch, dating back to 2007. Similar rumors circulate about its potential transformation into a restaurant. In 2018, the second aircraft was repurposed as an events venue, adding an unexpected chapter to its unconventional history.

For those eager to witness the first Boeing’s peculiar presence, Tony Dunnell of Atlas Obscura offers guidance. He advises intrepid explorers to keep a keen eye while navigating the road, ensuring they don’t miss the concealed view of the plane. Accessible by climbing sea containers, the aircraft can be observed from a unique vantage point. Alternatively, a path beyond the road allows for a more comprehensive view, with a small fee required for entry due to its location on private property.

The unexplained Boeing 737s of Bali continue to fuel intrigue, leaving both locals and visitors captivated by the curious tale of these abandoned aircraft.


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