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Dua Lipa poised to become UK’s highest-earning female singer, surpassing Adele’s income



The Barbie sensation’s business reportedly outperformed Adele’s in the UK, making Dua Lipa the leading female earner, though Adele’s overall fortune remains higher.

Dua Lipa, the 28-year-old pop sensation known for hits like “Barbie,” is on track to become the highest-earning female singer in the UK. Recent records reveal that her business, Radical22 Ltd, amassed nearly £68 million last year, surpassing the earnings of fellow British singer Adele in the UK.

While Adele’s total fortune still eclipses Dua’s, the value of Dua Lipa’s company has nearly tripled over the past three years. Companies House documents show that Radical22 Ltd had net assets of £29.9 million in December 2022, a significant increase from £11.6 million in 2019. Profits saw an £8.3 million surge from 2021.

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Adele, currently based in the US and enjoying success with her Vegas residency, maintains a higher overall fortune. Her three firms—Melted Stone, Melted Stone Publishing, and A Adkins Touring—saw a rise in value by £20 million, with total assets reaching £50 million. In comparison, Radical22, founded by Dua Lipa in 2016 with her father Dugi, had net cash of £9.84 million and investments exceeding £21 million.

Dua Lipa’s thriving business empire includes a diverse portfolio, encompassing a £1.6 million Victorian stable block in Camden, North London. Notably, the figures do not account for live earnings funneled through a separate company.

Anticipating further financial success, Dua Lipa is expected to capitalize on her post-Barbie ventures, including a mermaid appearance and the soundtrack hit “Dance The Night.” Known for her social media influence, she reportedly earns £10 million annually from online platforms. In July, Dua secured a seven-figure deal with Porsche and has successful collaborations with various brands. Additionally, she consistently contributes to the Kosovo charity, the Sunny Hill Foundation.


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