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Dramatic rescue as private hire driver assists woman trapped in car crash at Wrexham Maelor hospital



Quick-thinking driver springs into action during unexpected incident at hospital entrance

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In a sudden turn of events, a private hire driver at Wrexham Maelor Hospital became an unexpected hero as he assisted a woman trapped in her car following a crash. The incident unfolded as the driver, who was in the midst of collecting customers, witnessed the accident and took immediate action.

Describing the scene, the driver said, “I’m a private hire driver and I was collecting customers. I jumped out and started phoning the fire brigade. I went in, and she was opening her car door. So I was starting to help her get out.”

The driver’s quick response played a crucial role in ensuring the safety of the woman involved in the accident. “Someone was saying to make sure the engine was turned off, which she had. I just helped her get out of the building. There was some nurses waiting outside of the doors, so I just passed her over. I got in my car and took my customers home,” he added.

The incident occurred at the drop-off road at the hospital entrance, resulting in slow traffic and queueing. According to traffic website Inrix, a car accidentally drove into the doors of the hospital, prompting a swift response from emergency services.

The North Wales Fire and Rescue Service confirmed their attendance at the scene, describing it as an “ongoing incident.” The fire service was alerted to the situation at 1.51 pm.

Public access to the immediate vicinity of Wrexham Maelor Hospital was restricted, and alternative entrances were advised for those requiring access. A cordon was established around the crash site as emergency responders worked to manage the situation.

The private hire driver’s intervention showcased the importance of swift and level-headed actions in unexpected emergencies, highlighting the role of ordinary individuals in ensuring the safety and well-being of others. As investigations into the incident unfold, the community is reminded of the significance of staying vigilant and responsive during unforeseen events.


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