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Dining in Disney’s priciest paradise: Woman breaks down eye-watering $2,500 restaurant bill



Exploring the exquisite extravagance of Disney world’s culinary crown jewel

Flickr user: hyku Winter Haven https://www.flickr.com/people/hyku/, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A TikTok sensation and Disney devotee, Bethany Vinton, recently sent shockwaves across the internet as she unveiled the jaw-dropping details of her $2,500 restaurant bill at Disney World’s renowned Victoria & Albert’s. Known for her Disney Parks food reviews, Bethany’s luxury dining experience at the theme park’s most expensive restaurant sparked both awe and disbelief.

The Ultimate Disney Culinary Adventure

In September, Bethany and three companions embarked on a gastronomic journey at Victoria & Albert’s, ticking off what she described as her ‘number one bucket list place.’ The restaurant, located in Disney World Florida’s Grand Floridian, offers two opulent menus: a seven-course dining room menu priced at $295 per person and a nine-course chef’s menu at $375 per person.

A Feast Fit for Royalty

Opting for the chef’s menu, all four members of the party indulged in the nine-course culinary extravaganza. However, their epicurean journey didn’t stop there. Bethany and her companions chose the wine pairing option, adding an additional $200 per person for eight pours of wine, making the total dining experience a sumptuous affair.

The Breakdown of the Extravagance:

  • Food: $1500
  • Wine: $800
  • Tax: $149.50
  • Total: $2,449.50 (Before Tip)

The entire culinary escapade unfolded over four hours, offering an unparalleled fusion of exquisite flavors and Disney’s signature magic.

A Disney Dream Come True?

Bethany’s revelation of the hefty bill stirred a myriad of reactions, with TikTok users expressing a mix of astonishment and incredulity. Some compared the cost to their monthly rent, while others questioned if the splurge was truly worth it.

In response to the viral discussion, Bethany defended the extravagant experience, emphasizing that the grand indulgence had been on her Disney bucket list for years. In a separate video reviewing her meal, she declared it “well worth the price,” showcasing the unique allure of dining in the lap of Disney luxury.

While Disney World remains the epitome of magical experiences, Bethany’s culinary odyssey at Victoria & Albert’s highlights that even in the realm of fantasy, luxury comes at a price—one that for some, is a once-in-a-lifetime feast at the most enchanting place on Earth.


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