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Creepy crawly cruise nightmare: Brit’s toe invaded by wolf spider eggs



Colin Blake’s foot horror unfolds on European anniversary getaway

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 A British man’s idyllic European cruise vacation took a horrifying turn when he claimed his foot oozed pus after a wolf spider bite, followed by an even more spine-chilling revelation – the spider’s eggs hatched inside his toe!

Colin Blake, hailing from Cramlington, Northumberland, was commemorating his 35th wedding anniversary in Marseille when the creepy saga began. Initially brushing off the itch on his toe, Blake suspected it was a consequence of his stylish new sandals. However, the innocent itch soon escalated into a shocking ordeal.

Concerned as his toe turned an alarming shade of purple, Blake sought the ship’s doctor for advice. To his disbelief, he learned that he had fallen victim to a bite from a wolf spider—an invasive species from South America that had hitched a ride to France on cargo ships.

In a hair-raising twist, medics decided to open Blake’s big toe with a scalpel, revealing a bizarre discovery – tea leaf-like objects, the eggs laid by the spider.

Upon returning to the UK, Colin underwent further treatment, including a course of antibiotics that alleviated the swelling. Visible fang marks and the aftermath of numbing venom were etched on his skin, turning his toe a shade of yellow as it embarked on the healing process.

However, the spine-chilling tale didn’t end there. Two weeks later, Blake was left dumbfounded when a “foreign body” was removed from his foot—a hatched spider attempting to eat its way out. In his own words, “One of the spider eggs hadn’t been flushed and must have hatched. They believe the spider was making its way out – eating its way out of my toe.”

While Colin is expected to make a full recovery, his bizarre encounter with the spider has faced skepticism from spider experts. Dr. Sara Goodacre from the University of Nottingham expressed doubt, stating, “I can’t possibly see how it could be true at all because I know about their biology.” The British Arachnological Society labeled his story as “implausible.”

This jaw-dropping tale of a wolf spider invasion has captivated readers, sparking debates among experts about the unusual circumstances surrounding Colin Blake’s toe ordeal. The question remains: a creepy crawly cruise nightmare or a sensationalized story? You decide!


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