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Costa Rica’s ‘cave of death’: a deadly enigma forbidden to humans draws social media horror



A small cave near Poas volcano proves lethal, fueled by carbon

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 Social media is buzzing with horror as reports emerge of a deadly cave near Costa Rica’s Poas Volcano, aptly dubbed the ‘Cave of Death,’ due to its lethal nature. This small cave, measuring a mere two meters deep and three meters long, has gained notoriety for causing sickness to those who approach its entrance and instant death to animals that venture inside.

Situated on the edge of the Poas Volcano, the cave’s perilous characteristics stem from its near absence of oxygen, replaced by elevated levels of carbon dioxide. The National Library of Medicine outlines the health risks associated with high concentrations of carbon dioxide, including respiratory distress, cardiac issues, impaired consciousness, and, in extreme cases, convulsions, coma, and death.

A team led by Guy van Rentergem revealed that the cave produces a staggering 30kg of carbon dioxide per hour, as documented in Rentergem’s YouTube video titled ‘Cave of Death in Costa Rica.’ While the origin of this excessive carbon dioxide remains uncertain, some propose an organic source linked to underground mineral deposits influenced by high temperatures and pressures in the earth’s magma, where oxygen is scarce.

Despite its deadly nature, the ‘Cave of Death’ has become an unconventional tourist attraction, drawing visitors to witness its lethal effects. Nicknamed ‘Cueva de la Muerte’ in Spanish, the tourist center provides demonstrations showcasing the dangers within. A torch, when introduced to the cave’s entrance, is promptly extinguished, illustrating the lack of oxygen and the prevalence of carbon dioxide.

The cave is strictly off-limits, marked by warning signs that read, “Danger, no trespassing beyond this point.” Although the entrance is small, accommodating only animals and birds, it remains a fascination and a chilling reminder of the mysteries that nature holds.

As social media users express shock and fascination, the ‘Cave of Death’ in Costa Rica stands as a unique and deadly enigma, beckoning caution to those intrigued by its perilous allure.


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