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Veterans voice concerns over Meghan’s Invictus Games involvement



Prince Harry faces backlash from former military personnel as some claim the event has lost its original meaning

 Prince Harry, the driving force behind the Invictus Games, an esteemed international sporting event designed to honour and empower wounded, injured, and sick service members and veterans, finds himself embroiled in a brewing controversy. A growing number of voices from the veteran community have raised concerns over the increasing involvement of Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, in the Games, sparking a heated debate about the event’s integrity and purpose.

According to reports, a significant contingent of former military personnel, estimated to be around 2,000, have withdrawn their support for the Invictus Games, claiming that the event has strayed from its original vision and “lost its meaning” due to Meghan’s participation. Mark Dolan, a prominent host on the GB News channel, has amplified these concerns, stating, “About 2,000 ex-military have left the games, as they say it’s lost its original meaning. There are some former veterans who would like Harry to step down.”

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The crux of the matter lies in the belief held by some veterans that the Invictus Games, originally conceived as a platform to celebrate the resilience and determination of those who have served their countries, has become too intertwined with the royal family due to Meghan’s involvement. Her passionate speeches and increasing presence at the events have led to concerns that the Games are losing their intended focus on supporting and uplifting wounded and injured service members and veterans.

However, Prince Harry’s supporters have rallied behind him, taking to social media platforms to voice their approval of his efforts with the Invictus Games. One fan commented, “Prince Harry rocks at the Invictus Games! These games aren’t just about sports—they’re a powerful reminder of the strength and resilience of wounded warriors. Let’s cheer them on!” Others have praised Prince Harry’s dedication to the cause, highlighting the positive impact the Games have had on the lives of participating veterans.

As the Invictus Games approach their 10th anniversary, Prince Harry is scheduled to visit London next week to attend a special service at St Paul’s Cathedral on May 8th, where he will give a reading. While Meghan Markle will not accompany him for this event, the couple is expected to embark on a trip to Nigeria, where they will participate in discussions concerning the future of the Invictus Games and explore ways to address the concerns raised by the veteran community.

The controversy surrounding Meghan’s involvement has reignited debates about the role of the royal family in such initiatives and the delicate balance between supporting worthy causes and maintaining a clear separation between the monarchy and personal endeavours. As Prince Harry navigates this challenging terrain, he will undoubtedly face difficult decisions in addressing the concerns of veterans while upholding the integrity and purpose of the Invictus Games.

Supporters of the event argue that Meghan’s involvement should be welcomed, as her passion for the cause and her platform can help raise awareness and support for the Games. Critics, however, contend that her increasing presence risks overshadowing the true purpose of the event and shifting the focus away from the veterans themselves.

The debate surrounding Meghan’s role in the Invictus Games highlights the complex intersections between public perception, personal endeavours, and the responsibilities of the royal family. As Prince Harry and Meghan continue to navigate this terrain, they will need to find a way to address the concerns raised while staying true to the core values and mission of the Invictus Games.


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