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Controversy erupts as OnlyFans models recruit school leavers for X-rated content



Bonnie Blue and Leilani may face backlash online for collaborating with recent high school graduates on explicit content

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In a move that has ignited a firestorm of criticism, OnlyFans models Bonnie Blue, 24, and Leilani May, 25, are under scrutiny for recruiting high school graduates to partake in the creation of explicit content.

The Australian-based duo has faced backlash after extending invitations to young men participating in the celebratory ‘Schoolies Week,’ a tradition for recent high school graduates in Australia. The controversial collaboration reportedly took place in the lively Surfers Paradise on Queensland’s Gold Coast, known for its vibrant nightlife and scenic beaches.

Bonnie Blue, a British OnlyFans model, has responded to the allegations, asserting that the recent graduates approached them, prompting the decision to film explicit content. Blue defended the collaboration, emphasizing that they only worked with consenting adults and took measures to ensure participants were of legal age.

“We check ID, we have a process – they are consenting, and they are signing consent forms,” Blue clarified in response to the concerns raised online.

Leilani May, the Australian counterpart, echoed the sentiment, emphasizing that only ‘consenting adults’ were involved. May assured that safety measures were in place, with participants having the option to keep their faces obscured.

Despite the models’ assurances, concerns have been raised about the potential long-term impact on the participants’ lives. Matt Lloyd, CEO of schoolies.com, advised caution, stating, “Our advice to all Schoolies is, you deserve to celebrate with your friends, but don’t make a decision that could have negative implications on your family, your reputation and your future prospects.”

In response to the controversy, Blue and May issued a joint statement to LADbible, expressing excitement about bringing attention to realistic and relatable content with real people. They announced plans to continue this style of adult content, expanding their reach to events like spring break in the US and freshers week in the UK.

As the debate rages on, the models’ controversial collaboration raises questions about the intersection of adult content creation and the boundaries of moral and ethical considerations, leaving both supporters and critics engaged in a heated online discourse.


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