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Friday May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024

Controversial scene sparks outrage in Netflix’s latest festive flick



Viewers disgusted over ‘incest’ moment in family switch, Netflix’s attempt at a Christmas comedy

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Netflix’s recent holiday offering, “Family Switch,” has stirred quite a buzz, but unfortunately, not for the reasons the streaming giant hoped for. Starring Ed Helms and Jennifer Garner, the film, touted as a yuletide take on “Freaky Friday,” took an unexpected turn that left viewers uncomfortable.

The movie, released on November 30, revolves around a family experiencing a body switch during a rare planetary alignment, leading to a journey of humorous attempts to revert to their normal selves.

However, a particular scene has garnered strong reactions, where the kids, trapped in their parents’ bodies, are coerced into kissing each other in front of their mother’s friends. This moment has sparked criticism for its uncomfortable implications of on-screen siblings engaging in such a gesture.

“The incest in Family Switch was NOT needed,” expressed one viewer, while another added, “The random incest in Family Switch caught me so off guard.” Critics have labeled the scene as ‘low-hanging fruit’ for comedy, and some have questioned its inclusion in a movie marketed as ‘family-friendly.’

One viewer questioned, “Netflix’s movie Family Switch has implied incest. How did that advance the plot? And why would you put this in a holiday movie marketed as family friendly?”

Beyond the controversial scene, “Family Switch” had already divided audiences. Screen Rant acknowledged the film’s mix of laughs, cringe, and heart, while The Hollywood Reporter critiqued the characters as flat and the conflicts as minimal.

Whether the film manages to charm audiences despite the backlash remains to be seen. Perhaps it’s an invitation for viewers to form their own opinions on this latest addition to Netflix’s Christmas movie lineup.


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