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Thursday June 13, 2024
Thursday June 13, 2024

Cold Chisel to headline VAILO Adelaide 500 Sunday concert



Legendary band celebrates 50th anniversary with ‘The Big Five-0’ tour at Adelaide Parklands

Cold Chisel will headline the VAILO Adelaide 500 After Race Concert Series on Sunday, 17 November, marking their 50th anniversary with a performance in Adelaide Parklands. Known for their iconic status in Australian rock, the band plans to deliver a memorable show as part of their ‘The Big Five-0’ tour.

The concert will feature a setlist packed with classics that have cemented Cold Chisel’s place in Oz Rock history. Fans can expect to hear favourites like “Khe Sanh,” “Bow River,” “Flame Trees,” and “Choir Girl,” among others. The band’s anniversary tour will span multiple cities, concluding in Adelaide, where they originally formed.

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Lead vocalist Jimmy Barnes expressed his excitement, saying, “Some of the best moments of my life have been spent on stage with Cold Chisel and I hope we keep going ‘til the day we drop. I can’t wait to celebrate our 50th anniversary with our Adelaide fans who have been such a big part of our story from the beginning. We’re gonna smash it.”

Guitarist and singer Ian Moss echoed Barnes’ sentiments, emphasizing the connection with their fans. “To celebrate our 50th anniversary, we are performing all of our classic songs, songs that we road-tested all over Australia. It is a great feeling standing on stage and hearing our fans singing our songs along with us. Adelaide, bring your voices.”

Phil Small, the band’s bass player, highlighted the significance of their return to South Australia. “Gold is obviously associated with 50th anniversaries,” he noted. “We’re excited to come home to South Australia and say thanks to the fans who have been with us from the start.”

Brian Gleeson OAM, Event and Concert Manager for the VAILO Adelaide 500, shared his enthusiasm about the band’s performance. “We are so thrilled to have rock icons Cold Chisel perform at the 25th event. We have had many amazing artists perform over the years at the After Race Concerts and this year is set to be the biggest by far.”

Supporting acts for Cold Chisel’s Sunday night concert include ARIA Award-winning chart-toppers The Cruel Sea and hometown rock heroes The Superjesus, along with opening acts provided by Music SA. The concert promises to be a significant celebration of rock music, culminating the event’s weekend festivities.

Don Walker, Cold Chisel’s keyboardist, summed up the excitement around the tour succinctly: “This 50th anniversary tour will be a huge celebration – for all of us.”

Cold Chisel’s performance follows the announcement that Crowded House will headline the Saturday concert of the VAILO Adelaide 500. The complete lineup for Sunday, 17 November 2024, includes Cold Chisel, The Cruel Sea, The Superjesus, and supporting acts from Music SA. Tickets for the event are available through Ticketmaster.


Cold Chisel’s headlining performance at the VAILO Adelaide 500 not only marks a significant milestone in their career but also underscores the enduring appeal of classic Australian rock music. Celebrating their 50th anniversary, the band’s ‘The Big Five-0’ tour serves as a testament to their lasting influence and connection with fans across generations.

From a sociological perspective, Cold Chisel’s music has become a cultural touchstone for many Australians. Songs like “Khe Sanh” and “Flame Trees” capture quintessential aspects of Australian life and identity, resonating deeply with audiences. This concert, therefore, is not just a musical event but a cultural celebration, bringing together diverse groups who share a common appreciation for the band’s legacy.

Economically, the inclusion of Cold Chisel in the VAILO Adelaide 500’s lineup is likely to boost ticket sales and tourism. The band’s widespread popularity can attract attendees from outside Adelaide, contributing to local businesses and the overall economy. Events like these highlight the intersection of entertainment and economic benefits, demonstrating how large-scale concerts can drive economic activity in host cities.

Politically, the concert can be seen as a reflection of Australia’s support for homegrown talent and the arts. By featuring legendary Australian bands, the VAILO Adelaide 500 underscores the importance of nurturing and celebrating national cultural assets. This stance can foster a sense of national pride and unity, particularly in times when cultural preservation is crucial.

From a gender perspective, Cold Chisel’s lineup, predominantly male, could spark discussions about representation in the music industry. While the band’s historical significance is undeniable, future events might benefit from a more diverse range of performers, showcasing the evolving landscape of Australian music which includes more female and non-binary artists.

For local communities, particularly in Adelaide, this concert offers an opportunity to engage with a piece of their musical heritage. The band’s roots in Adelaide add a layer of local pride to the event, enhancing community spirit and offering a shared experience that strengthens communal bonds.

In conclusion, Cold Chisel’s 50th-anniversary performance at the VAILO Adelaide 500 is a multifaceted event with implications that extend beyond music. It encapsulates cultural celebration, economic impact, political support for the arts, and sociological significance, making it a noteworthy occasion in Australia’s entertainment landscape.


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