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Cocaine Bear’s teen star Brooklynn Prince hits jackpot: Massive payday revealed for her role in film



13-year-old actress earns $65,000 with potential $500,000 bonus for box office success

In the cinematic whirlwind of 2023, where blockbusters like Barbie and Oppenheimer stole the spotlight, Cocaine Bear emerged as a standout, bringing an intriguing blend of comedy and horror to the screen. Among the remarkable cast, teen star Brooklynn Prince, who portrayed Dee Dee, has now come into the limelight for more than her on-screen performance.

According to a minors contract obtained by TMZ, the 13-year-old actress secured a substantial payday of $65,000 for her role in Cocaine Bear. However, the potential for further financial triumph loomed large, with reported bonuses of up to $500,000 contingent on the film’s box office success.

Released in February, Cocaine Bear, directed by Elizabeth Banks, wove a bizarre tale inspired by true events involving a drug-smuggling scheme gone awry. The film’s plot revolves around a 500-pound black bear in a Georgia forest, embarking on a murderous rampage after accidentally ingesting cocaine discarded by a former narcotics officer and lawyer, Andrew Thornton.

Thornton’s escapade, which included a fateful plane jump and the discovery of a dead bear with millions of dollars’ worth of cocaine in its system, served as the outlandish foundation for the film.

Despite the unique storyline and star-studded cast, Cocaine Bear fell short of the $160 million mark at the global box office, totaling $89.7 million. While Brooklynn Prince missed out on additional bonuses, her $65,000 payday stands as a significant accomplishment for the young actress.

As 2023 draws to a close, the financial success of Cocaine Bear and the promising career trajectory of its teenage star underscore the unpredictable yet rewarding nature of the film industry.


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