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Claressa Shields to challenge for light-heavyweight world titles



American boxing sensation Claressa Shields steps up to challenge Vanessa Lepage-Joanisse for the unified light-heavyweight championship in Detroit

American boxing phenom Claressa Shields, aged 29, is set to make a significant leap in weight class as she moves up to the light-heavyweight division to take on Vanessa Lepage-Joanisse for the unified championship. The much-anticipated bout is scheduled for July 27th in Detroit.

Shields, renowned for her exceptional talent and remarkable achievements in the sport, aims to etch her name in boxing history by becoming a four-weight world champion. The highly anticipated clash will see Shields vying for the vacant WBO light-heavyweight title, along with Lepage-Joanisse’s WBC belt.

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Expressing her determination ahead of the showdown, Shields emphasized the magnitude of the challenge she faces. “This is a significant and unique fight where I am moving up two weight classes against a very tough champion in my quest to become world champion in my fourth weight division,” Shields remarked.

Lepage-Joanisse, hailing from Canada, holds the prestigious WBC title, classified as ‘heavyweight’ by the sanctioning body but contested at the light-heavyweight limit of 12st 7lb (175lb). The 28-year-old Canadian, boasting seven wins and one defeat in her professional career, clinched the WBC title in March.

Reflecting on the upcoming bout, Lepage-Joanisse expressed her readiness to take on any challenge that comes her way. “It doesn’t matter to me whether it’s Claressa or someone else. My life is all about challenges,” Lepage-Joanisse affirmed.

Claressa Shields, widely regarded as one of the best female fighters globally, has an illustrious career marked by numerous accolades. Notably, Shields made history as the first fighter, male or female, to claim undisputed titles in two different weight classes.

The Flint native’s last boxing appearance was a year ago when she successfully defended her WBO, WBA, IBF, WBC, and Ring magazine middleweight titles against Maricela Cornejo. In addition to her exploits in boxing, Shields has ventured into mixed martial arts (MMA), securing victory in her third MMA bout against Kelsey De Santis in February.

Shields remains undefeated in her professional boxing career, boasting an impressive record of 14 wins. Despite moving up to the light-heavyweight division, Shields’s transition is anticipated to be seamless, given her exceptional skill set and unwavering determination.


Political Impact: The decision by Claressa Shields to challenge for light-heavyweight world titles carries political significance within the realm of boxing governance. It highlights the fluid nature of weight classes and the determination of athletes to pursue opportunities for championship glory across various divisions.

Social Reflection: Shields’s move to challenge for light-heavyweight titles mirrors broader societal themes of ambition, perseverance, and breaking barriers. As a trailblazing athlete, Shields inspires individuals to defy conventional norms and strive for excellence in their respective fields, irrespective of challenges.

Psychological Aspect: The upcoming bout presents psychological challenges for both fighters, as they navigate the pressures of high-stakes competition and the expectations of their respective fan bases. Mental resilience and focus will be crucial factors in determining their performance on fight night.

Sociological Angle: Shields’s quest for world titles in different weight divisions underscores the sociological dynamics of gender and athleticism, challenging traditional notions of female participation in combat sports. Her accomplishments contribute to the ongoing discourse on gender equality and representation in sports.

Fashion Culture: While not directly related to fashion, Shields’s transcendent achievements in boxing and MMA have the potential to influence cultural perceptions of athleticism and style. Her prominence in the sporting world may inspire fashion trends and endorsements targeted towards athletes and fitness enthusiasts


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