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Chris Pine’s directorial debut ‘Poolman’ stumbles over script issues



Despite a star-studded cast, ‘Poolman’ fails to deliver, suffering from an incoherent script and poor post-production choices

Chris Pine’s first venture into directing, ‘Poolman‘, promised a blend of intrigue and humour but has largely missed the mark according to the latest reviews. The film, which attempts to fuse elements of ‘Chinatown’ with ‘The Big Lebowski’, features Pine himself in the lead role of Darren Barrenman—a quirky pool cleaner embroiled in a convoluted Los Angeles city council scandal.

From the onset, ‘Poolman’ struggles with a script that leaves much to be desired. Viewers find themselves lost in a maze of plot lines that intertwine without clear purpose, featuring a cast of characters whose relevance to the main storyline remains murky at best. Despite attempts at offbeat humour, the film’s jokes often fall flat, failing to resonate with its audience.

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The soundtrack, another critical element in setting the tone for a film, similarly detracts from the overall experience. Instead of enhancing the scenes, the choice of songs and their integration into the action seem to further muddle the film’s intended atmosphere, contributing to a lack of cohesive stylistic direction.

Editing issues plague the film as well, with erratic cuts that disrupt rather than enhance the storytelling. These technical shortcomings underscore a fundamental disconnect between the film’s narrative ambitions and its execution, leaving the audience disengaged and disenchanted.

Despite these challenges, the cast, including Annette Bening, John Ortiz, and Clancy Brown, delivers commendable performances, managing to shine individually even as the film around them flounders. Bening, in particular, stands out, bringing depth and charisma to her role in a manner that suggests her character belongs in a different, perhaps better, film.


The difficulties faced by ‘Poolman’ highlight the challenges first-time directors can encounter, particularly when dealing with high-concept scripts that demand a delicate balance between style and substance. While Pine’s ambition is evident, the film serves as a learning opportunity, showcasing the importance of a cohesive script and thoughtful post-production in achieving cinematic success.

From a cultural perspective, ‘Poolman’ represents a missed opportunity to explore themes of corruption and heroism in a city known both for its glamour and its grit. The film’s failure to effectively address these themes amidst its comedic and dramatic elements suggests a misalignment of genre and narrative intent, which ultimately undermines its potential impact.

Economically, while ‘Poolman benefits from star power and significant investment, its reception may prompt a reassessment of how projects are greenlit and managed, particularly when involving new directors. The industry could take this as a cue to provide more robust support systems for novice directors, ensuring that future projects better align directorial vision with narrative coherence and technical execution


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