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Chinese company innovates bonus system: Run two miles daily for a whopping 130% salary bonus



Dongpo Paper company introduces unique fitness-incentive scheme, dividing opinions on employee wellness

In an unprecedented move to motivate its workforce, Dongpo Paper company in Guangdong province, China, is replacing traditional year-end bonuses with a fitness-driven rewards system. Employees are now offered the opportunity to earn a substantial bonus based on the number of miles they run each month.

Chairman Lin Zhiyong emphasized the importance of employee well-being, stating, “My business can only endure if my employees are healthy.”

To secure an annual bonus equivalent to 130% of their monthly salary, employees are required to accumulate 62 miles every month, translating to roughly 2 miles daily. For those aiming lower, participants running 31 miles monthly can still enjoy a bonus equivalent to one month’s salary. The scale continues, with 60% for 24 miles and 30% for 18 miles.

While some Chinese social media users praised the company’s initiative, expressing a desire for similar programs in their workplaces, others raised concerns about its feasibility and potential health implications.

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Critics argue that the company should consider existing health conditions or issues among employees and suggested additional bonuses for those engaging in exercise rather than using the existing bonus as leverage.

The initiative has sparked a debate, with some questioning the practicality of the requirements, highlighting potential health risks and expressing concerns about the strain on employees’ knees and the risk of acute heart failure.

As Dongpo Paper Company pioneers this unconventional approach, the response reveals a spectrum of opinions regarding the intersection of financial incentives and employee well-being.


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