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Charles calls for global peace and honors selfless volunteers in heartfelt speech



Monarch delivers impassioned message, urging compassion and service amid worldwide conflicts

In a heartfelt Christmas Day broadcast, King Charles delivered a stirring plea for global peace in the face of escalating conflicts across the world. Just seven months after his Coronation, the King’s message echoed themes of care, compassion, and service, emphasizing the need to protect one another during these challenging times.

Against the backdrop of increasing tragic conflict globally, King Charles invoked the words of Jesus, urging everyone to treat others as they would like to be treated. His plea took on added significance as violence worsened in regions such as Gaza and Ukraine. The King closed his speech with a wish for “peace on Earth and goodwill to all” during the festive season and beyond.

The Christmas address, filmed earlier at Buckingham Palace’s Centre Room, showcased the King in front of a living tree, marking his first Christmas speech since his Coronation. The broadcast also included footage highlighting the year’s commendable work by members of the royal family, excluding figures such as Prince Harry, Meghan, and Prince Andrew.

Opening with a celebration of the traditional Christmas dinner, King Charles touched on the significance of shared meals across religious celebrations, emphasizing the importance of faith, fellowship, and the joy of giving presents.

Acknowledging those who are no longer with us and those tirelessly working to care for others, King Charles connected the care and compassion shown to others to the themes of the Christmas Story. He drew parallels to Mary and Joseph’s acceptance of shelter from strangers while awaiting the birth of Jesus.

The broadcast featured footage of the royal family engaged in charitable work throughout the year, showcasing their commitment to making a positive impact on communities. King Charles expressed gratitude for the selfless army of volunteers, recognizing their essential role in society and their meaningful presence during the Coronation earlier in the year.

Addressing the importance of service, King Charles highlighted the Christmas story’s message of Jesus serving the whole world, setting an example for others to love their neighbors. He praised the countless examples of people making a difference in their communities, especially during times of real hardship.

The King’s speech took a spiritual turn, emphasizing the responsibility to care for the Earth for future generations. Reflecting on his lifetime, King Charles expressed joy at the growing awareness of environmental protection, drawing inspiration from the Christmas Story’s angels delivering a message of hope to shepherds.

Concluding with a hopeful plea, King Charles urged listeners to imagine themselves in their neighbors’ shoes and seek their well-being, embodying universal values that transcend religious and cultural differences. The broadcast closed with warm wishes for a Christmas of peace and goodwill.

The 10-minute broadcast, featuring a performance of the National Anthem and a carol sung by the Bexley Music Primary Choir, is anticipated to be a significant Christmas Day television event.


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