Saturday, June 22, 2024
Saturday June 22, 2024
Saturday June 22, 2024

Pope Francis declares British boy as first millennial saint



Carlo Acutis, who died at 15, was recognized for his posthumous miracles and contributions to catholicism

Pope Francis has declared that Carlo Acutis, a British boy who passed away at 15, will be canonized as the Catholic Church’s first millennial saint. This announcement follows the recognition of a second posthumous miracle attributed to Acutis, solidifying his path to sainthood.

Carlo Acutis, born in London in 1991 to an Italian mother and a half-English, half-Italian father, succumbed to leukaemia in 2006. His rapid ascent to sainthood is notable as he will be the first person born in the millennial generation to be canonized. Acutis’s dedication to his faith and his innovative use of technology to spread Catholic teachings earned him the nickname “God’s influencer.”

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Before his untimely death, Acutis developed a website documenting Eucharistic miracles and approved Marian apparitions, significantly impacting the online Catholic community. His first miracle, recognized in 2020, involved the healing of a Brazilian child suffering from a congenital pancreatic disease. The second miracle, recently confirmed by Pope Francis, involved a university student in Florence recovering from brain trauma.

The official canonization date has yet to be announced, but Acutis’s legacy continues to inspire many. His body, now resting in Assisi, remains on display alongside relics associated with him. Acutis’s beatification in 2020 marked the first step toward sainthood, a journey expedited by his attributed miracles.

Acutis’s life and works have resonated with many, especially the younger generation. His mother expressed her joy at his potential sainthood, noting how relatable and inspiring his life story is for today’s youth. Carlo was known for his joyful demeanour, computer prowess, and love for video games, making him a unique and contemporary figure in the Catholic Church.

The Vatican’s recognition of Acutis’s contributions highlights the importance of connecting with younger generations through modern means. His work online and his devotion to his faith even during his illness demonstrate a profound commitment to his beliefs.

As the first millennial to achieve sainthood, Carlo Acutis’s story serves as a beacon of hope and faith for young Catholics worldwide. His canonization reflects the Church’s acknowledgement of the evolving ways in which faith can be practised and shared in the digital age.


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