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Cafe sparks controversy by booting out non-paying patrons occupying multiple tables



SLO BAR Cafe in Bacolod faces backlash as students’ free hangout sparks online uproar

A local cafe in Bacolod, Philippines, finds itself at the center of a heated debate as it evicted a group of non-paying customers who occupied three tables while purchasing only two drinks. SLO BAR Cafe’s decision to prioritize paying customers over the group of 10 students has ignited a storm of negative online reviews, raising questions about cafe etiquette and space utilization.

The controversy unfolded when the cafe, through an Instagram post, shed light on the incident, expressing concern about non-paying customers using their space for free while negatively impacting their business. The cafe explained that the students had left scathing reviews, alleging unfair treatment and claiming the cafe had ‘shut the doors’ without warning.

“How do we approach non-paying customers who want to be seated?” questioned the cafe in the Instagram post. Highlighting the challenge of balancing a welcoming atmosphere with the need to cater to paying customers, the post emphasized the difficulty in managing such situations without inviting negative feedback.

The cafe defended its decision, stating that their lead barista and two other student workers were doing their best to maintain a conducive working environment. Addressing the impact of negative reviews on small businesses, the post underscored the importance of reserving limited space for paying customers as basic etiquette.

Seeking opinions from the online community, the cafe posed the question of whether customers understood the repercussions of their negative reviews on the business.

While the post garnered support from many Instagram users commending the cafe’s stance on prioritizing paying customers, others disagreed. Some cafe owners, such as John Nikko Danao of Noon Cafe, emphasized the significance of allowing customers to enjoy the ambiance without mandatory purchases. Nikaela Cortez from Sibs Cafe echoed a similar sentiment, emphasizing the value of non-paying customers in creating a welcoming atmosphere.

As the online debate rages on, the incident serves as a reminder of the delicate balance cafes must strike between customer satisfaction, business sustainability, and the challenges presented by differing opinions on cafe etiquette.


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