Sunday, May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024
Sunday May 19, 2024

Cadbury’s delicious twist: Iconic Dairy Milk bars get an exciting makeover today! Fans, get ready!



Cadbury’s Dairy Milk is shaking things up with a major transformation hitting shelves today, sending waves of excitement through fans of all ages.

In honour of its 200th anniversary, the chocolate giant is resurrecting seven iconic Dairy Milk designs spanning a century. This sweet treat time-travels from 1915 to the present day, delighting passionate foodies eager to get their hands on these limited-edition 180g bars.

Priced at £2 in major supermarkets (prices may fluctuate), these nostalgic bars are available for a limited time only, adding a dash of urgency for enthusiasts to grab theirs before they vanish.

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Bryony Tate, Mondelēz International’s brand manager (the proud owner of Cadbury), shared the excitement: “Celebrating 200 years of Cadbury’s legacy in our nation is a real joy. We’re thrilled to unveil our limited edition Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar packaging, spanning seven retro designs to bring smiles to everyone.”

But it’s not just about eye-catching designs—the bars contain special artwork inside, showcasing significant moments in Cadbury’s history.

As part of their 200-year celebration, Cadbury is teaming up with Alzheimer’s Research UK, pledging a generous £200,000 donation to support the cause.

And let’s talk about recent Cadbury fanfare—those Creme Egg chocolate bars spotted at B&M for £1.35 have sent shoppers into a frenzy with reviews praising their deliciousness. In December, the Caramilk caramel slices chocolate bars hit stores, prompting shoppers to declare their readiness to “hunt” for these snacks and even confessing to devouring an entire block solo.

However, it’s not all sweetness for chocolate enthusiasts. Nestle fans were left dismayed after the iconic Caramac bar, a staple for 64 years, was axed.

From its humble beginnings as a single shop in Birmingham in 1824 to becoming a global brand, Cadbury’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Acquired by Kraft in 2010, it became part of the “Mondelez International” division in 2012.


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