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British angler lands enormous ‘Goldfish’ weighing as much as a 10-year-old in French lake



Proof emerges of the astonishing size Goldfish can attain in the wild

Social media is buzzing with astonishment as a British angler, Andy Hackett, made headlines by reeling in a colossal fish from Bluewater Lakes in Champagne, France. The enormous catch, nicknamed ‘The Carrot,’ left spectators in awe as it tipped the scales at a staggering 67.4lbs (30.5kg), equivalent to the weight of a small child.

For those who might have opted for a goldfish as a manageable pet, it’s crucial to note that certain types of goldfish can grow significantly larger when in their natural habitat. According to A-Z Animals, goldfish in ponds may reach lengths of 2 to 10 inches and weigh between 5-9 pounds. In the wild, with ample space and resources, these aquatic creatures can even surpass these dimensions, reaching lengths of up to 12 to 14 inches.

British angler Andy Hackett’s extraordinary catch sheds light on the impressive sizes certain goldfish hybrids can attain. The fish in question, a hybrid of leather and koi carp (with carp as the base species for both goldfish and koi), was aptly named ‘The Carrot.’ This colossal specimen was originally introduced to Bluewater Lakes by Jason Cowler two decades ago, with the aim of providing an unusual challenge for anglers.

Jason Cowler explained the rarity of catching ‘The Carrot’: “We put The Carrot in about 20 years ago as something different for the customers to fish for. Since then it has grown and grown, but it doesn’t often come out. She is very elusive.”

The gripping 25-minute struggle between Andy Hackett and ‘The Carrot’ ended in success, showcasing the angler’s determination and skill. Reflecting on the monumental catch, Hackett expressed his surprise, stating, “I always knew The Carrot was there but never thought I would catch it. It was brilliant to catch it, but it was also sheer luck.”

While the catch is certainly a spectacle, it’s worth noting that ‘The Carrot’ was later released back into the waters of Bluewater Lakes, allowing the colossal goldfish to continue its growth and remain a legendary inhabitant of the French lake.

This extraordinary tale serves as a reminder that the world beneath the waters holds surprises of immense proportions, challenging preconceptions about the size potential of aquatic creatures.


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