Saturday, May 18, 2024
Saturday May 18, 2024
Saturday May 18, 2024

British Airways Steward collapses and dies mid-flight, leaving passengers devastated



Shocking incident forces flight cancellation as crew member tragically loses life

A somber atmosphere engulfed British Airways Flight 32 on New Year’s Eve as a 52-year-old crew member collapsed and tragically lost his life while the aircraft prepared for takeoff from London Heathrow to Hong Kong. Despite swift efforts by a passenger trained in first aid, the steward could not be resuscitated, leading to the cancellation of the flight due to the heartbreaking “medical emergency.”

The incident unfolded in the rear galley of the aircraft just as the doors were locked, and the pilot had requested to push back to head to the runway. The captain urgently called for medical assistance, and though police and ambulance teams arrived promptly, the steward’s life could not be saved.

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Passengers, still in shock from witnessing the sudden and distressing event, were rebooked onto another flight, BA31, scheduled for the following day. British Airways expressed their condolences, stating, “Our thoughts are with our colleagues’ family and friends at this difficult time.”

This unfortunate incident follows another recent loss within the British Airways family. On December 23, a second BA steward, also 52, passed away in the United States. The flight from Newark to London Heathrow was canceled, and passengers were rebooked onto later flights. Colleagues were left devastated as they raised the alarm when the crew member failed to report for duty. The crew, too upset to continue working, were flown home.

Sources reveal that both stewards were healthy individuals, and there were no reported underlying health issues. The sudden and unexplained deaths have left the BA flying team in shock and disbelief, marking a traumatic festive period for the airline’s crew.


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