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“Britain’s Veteran Stripper reveals strangest Gigs, from funerals to Mafia Shows!”



A seasoned male stripper, boasting 38 years in the business, has spilled the saucy secrets of his career, including a raunchy performance at a funeral and a booking by the Russian Mafia.

Mike Stratton, 55, began his revealing journey into stripping in 1986, regaling tales of performing a Full Monty routine at unexpected venues, from funerals to wild parties. The Wigan native, who manages his own stripper agency, remains an active entertainer, drawing in crowds and relishing the thrill of the stage.

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Embracing the adrenaline rush, Mike credits the stage for keeping him youthful, asserting that in his mind, he’s perpetually 25. Despite his zest for performances, he’s selective about his gigs, shying away from younger audiences but intriguing the older crowd, considering himself “catnip” for anyone over 50.

His stripping odyssey commenced as a “kiss-o-gram” at 18, leading him to stints in Ibiza and eventually joining London’s Dreamboys. Founding his group, The X-men, in the late ’90s, Mike’s troupe toured the UK and Europe, amassing fanatical admirers, albeit enduring some bizarre encounters.

Recalling an incident in South Wales where a fan bit him on the bottom, Mike detailed moments of being scratched and even bitten, evoking bemusement over the fervour of certain admirers.

In a truly peculiar booking, Mike and his group performed a Full Monty routine at a woman’s funeral, fulfilling her last wish. This unorthodox act left mourners stunned, prompting an awkward exit for the performers.

Not just a magnet for enthusiastic fans, Mike stumbled into a booking for the Russian Mafia, performing for unknowingly recruited prostitutes in St. Petersburg in 1996. Unaware of the audience’s background, the group found themselves part of a ladies’ weekend hosted by the mafia, an experience they swiftly regretted upon realisation.

Beyond stripping, Mike’s wife, Donna, played a unique role in their gigs, boosting tips by initiating bidding with a crafty hand-raising tactic, much like an auctioneer at a market.

Aside from his exotic career, Mike has amassed a significant sum through appearances on TV game shows and is crafting a revealing memoir about his life in the male stripping industry.


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