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Brazen christmas crooks swipe thousands in tesco alcohol heist



Shocking footage reveals daring thieves raiding Tesco express for festive booze

In a jaw-dropping Christmas caper, a group of four audacious thieves executed a daring raid on a Tesco Express in Cricklewood, London, making off with thousands of pounds worth of alcohol. The shocking incident, caught on camera, exposes the thieves shamelessly filling their bags with booze just days before chrismas.

The audacious quartet, dressed in black coats, made no attempt to conceal their criminal activities as they boldly plundered the Tesco Express store. The CCTV footage captures the thieves cramming plastic bags to the brim with bottles of wine and assorted alcoholic beverages.

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Undeterred by the surveillance, the group persistently stocks up on the stolen loot. Two individuals hunch at the front, stuffing their bags, while the other two scurry back and forth, grabbing drinks from the higher shelves.

The shocking robbery, which unfolded on December 21, has sparked widespread online sharing of the clip. Questions arose about the absence of security or staff during the incident, prompting one person to reveal, “We as staff in Tesco can’t stop or challenge shoplifters, so this will be happening on a regular basis, just saying.”

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson stated, “We are aware of video footage which appears to show a man stealing items from a Tesco store in Cricklewood on Thursday, 21 December. An incident, which we believe is related, was reported to police on 21 December after the suspect had left the premises.”

This audacious Christmas theft raises concerns about security in retail stores during the festive season, as shoppers prepare to celebrate amidst heightened criminal activity. Stay tuned for updates on this daring incident that has left the community in disbelief.


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