Friday, May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024

Boris Johnson’s shocking Covid confession: skips key meetings and holidays amid pandemic chaos



Former Prime Minister Faces Firestorm of Criticism at Covid Inquiry Over Negligence and Controversial Statements

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Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson faced a barrage of criticism at the Covid Inquiry, where he openly acknowledged his failure to recognize the imminent danger posed by the pandemic during its early stages. Families who lost loved ones delivered a scathing rebuke, asserting that apologies mean nothing to the departed.

In a candid moment, Johnson admitted that he should have acted more promptly, stating, “We should collectively have twigged much sooner… I should have twigged.” This revelation comes as the ex-PM disclosed his absence from key meetings and an ill-timed holiday shortly after being cautioned about the global impact of the virus.

Protesters disrupted Johnson’s two-day interrogation, holding signs that read, “The dead can’t hear your apologies.” One grieving family member, Kathryn Butcher, 59, dismissed Johnson’s apology, emphasizing that she would never accept it for the mishandling of the pandemic.

As the former PM faced tough questions, he did not dispute claims that he questioned the need to save “people who will die anyway soon,” resisting the implementation of the initial lockdown. Johnson’s testimony was marked by interruptions, with four women delivering a chilling message: “The dead can’t hear your apologies.”

Despite the public outcry, Johnson left the inquiry amidst boos and heckles, with one person shouting, “Liar.” The ex-PM, appearing on the verge of tears at times, acknowledged that 2020 was a “tragic, tragic” year, admitting that his government “underestimated” the threat posed by the virus.

The inquiry shed light on Johnson’s controversial statements and actions, including his reluctance to acknowledge the gravity of the situation. He refrained from directly addressing whether government decisions contributed to a higher death toll, citing “headwinds” such as the UK’s elderly population and high population density.

In a surprising twist, Johnson did not deny questioning the necessity of strict measures before the first lockdown, suggesting that his comments were not intended for public broadcast. He described the government’s response as “incoherent” and expressed bewilderment at the graphs depicting the impact of Covid in the weeks leading up to restrictions.

As the inquiry unfolds, the nation awaits answers, with former Chancellor Rishi Sunak set to testify on Monday. The revelation of Johnson’s lapses and controversial remarks has left the public grappling with the extent of leadership shortcomings during a pivotal moment in the country’s recent history.


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