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Binti Jua: The heroic gorilla who saved a three-year-old boy from a terrifying fall



Unlikely guardian angel emerges in the midst of ape enclosure peril

A heartwarming tale unfolds from the annals of Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, Illinois, where an unexpected hero emerged in the face of danger. In 1996, a routine visit took a dramatic turn when a three-year-old boy slipped into the ape enclosure, surrounded by six territorial gorillas. The incident, captured on video, tells the remarkable story of Binti Jua, an eight-year-old gorilla, who stepped forward to rescue the young child.

A Leap into Danger

During the zoo visit, the three-year-old boy accidentally fell nearly 20 feet into the gorilla enclosure, suffering a broken hand and cuts to the face. The perilous situation unfolded with multiple gorillas in close proximity, raising concerns about the child’s safety.

Binti Jua’s Heroic Intervention

Amidst the potential threat, Binti Jua exhibited extraordinary courage and maternal instincts. The video footage captured the moment when Binti approached the fallen child, carrying her own infant, Koola, on her back. In an act of unprecedented compassion, Binti gently picked up the three-year-old by the waist and cradled him in her arms.

Motherly Instincts at the Forefront

Experts later speculated that Binti’s actions were driven by her natural motherly instincts, evident in her simultaneous care for her own offspring. The gorilla carefully carried the boy to a door, where rescuers awaited, ensuring a safe handover to caretakers.

International Hero and Symbol of Compassion

Binti Jua’s heroic rescue garnered international acclaim, turning her into a symbol of compassion and unexpected heroism. The gorilla, hailed for her intelligence and kindness, became an enduring figure at Brookfield Zoo.

Legacy of Binti Jua

As of 2022, Binti continues to reside at Brookfield Zoo, celebrating her 34th birthday in March. The heartening story of her daring rescue remains etched in the memory of those who witnessed her extraordinary act of kindness.

A Lesson in Humanity

The incident echoes a sentiment expressed by many on social media: “We don’t deserve gorillas.” Binti Jua’s compassion in the face of danger stands as a testament to the remarkable bonds that can form across species, teaching us lessons of empathy and humanity.


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