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Beyond the veil: Woman declared dead for 27 minutes pens cryptic message upon return



After near-fatal ordeal, Tina Hines’ mysterious message sparks intrigue and spiritual contemplation

In a riveting tale that transcends the boundaries of life and death, Tina Hines, a woman who faced a harrowing near-death experience, has left the world intrigued with a cryptic message she wrote upon her return from the brink.

Embarking on a hike with her husband, Brian, Tina suffered a nearly fatal heart attack, prompting emergency services to revive her a staggering four times before resorting to a defibrillator. Miraculously, Tina defied the odds, awakening with an urgent need to communicate.

Upon regaining consciousness, rather than succumbing to disorientation, Tina reached for a pen, inscribing a message that sent shivers down spines. The eerie message, simply stating ‘it’s real,’ left both her loved ones and medical professionals bewildered.

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When questioned about the cryptic words, Tina, with a gaze towards the heavens, hinted at a profound connection to the afterlife. Medical records confirm the astonishing fact that Tina was clinically dead for an astounding twenty-seven minutes.

Since the transformative incident in 2018, Tina has embraced a new purpose, transforming into a Christian motivational speaker. Her devotion to sharing the details of her near-death encounter has even culminated in a book, provocatively titled ‘Heaven… It’s Real: How Dying Changes Living.’

The book, described as a beacon of hope for the fearful and solace for those grieving, delves into Tina’s firsthand account of her journey to the afterlife and back. Offering candid insights into her personal growth and reflections on overcoming challenges, the book combines practical advice with scripture, inviting readers to engage in daily reflections.

Tina’s revelation has resonated with numerous individuals who, too, claim to have glimpsed the afterlife during their own brushes with mortality. Commenters express comfort and awe at the possibility of heaven’s existence, with some describing the experience as nothing short of amazing.

As the mystery of near-death experiences unfolds, the scientific community posits that heightened brain activity during the dying process could be responsible for vivid visions of an afterlife. Such experiences often involve encounters with departed loved ones or even divine figures like Jesus Christ himself.


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