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Sunday June 23, 2024
Sunday June 23, 2024

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s $60m marital home up for sale amid split rumours



Amid swirling rumours of a split, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez put their Beverly Hills mansion on the market, showcasing a lavish lifestyle priced at $60 million

Speculation about the status of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s relationship intensifies as reports emerge of the celebrity couple listing their Beverly Hills mansion for sale. The sprawling estate, acquired just a year ago, is now on the market for a hefty $60 million, signalling a potential shift in the couple’s domestic arrangements.

Affectionately dubbed “Bennifer” by fans, the couple’s decision to sell their six-acre abode follows recent rumours of a possible divorce. Their Beverly Hills retreat, secured in cash, was envisioned as a haven for their blended family, boasting 17 bedrooms, 30 bathrooms, and parking space for up to 80 vehicles. Perched atop a hill, the mansion offers panoramic views of Los Angeles and promises unparalleled privacy.

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TMZ initially broke the news of Affleck and Lopez’s decision to part ways with their “Wallingford estate,” a property featuring an indoor sports complex complete with basketball and pickleball courts, a gym, boxing ring, and sports bar. The outdoor amenities include a 150-foot zero-edge pool, perfectly complementing the extensive grounds and scenic vistas.

While the couple has enlisted the services of The Agency for the sale, representatives for both Affleck and Lopez have yet to comment on the matter, leaving fans and media outlets to speculate on the motivations behind the move.

Affleck, who was recently spotted leaving the mansion in his black Mercedes, is reportedly residing a few miles away at a rental property while filming his latest project, “The Accountant 2.” Despite his physical absence, the sale of their shared residence underscores the evolving dynamics of their relationship.

Amidst the real estate transactions and career commitments, Lopez has faced setbacks in her professional endeavours, recently cancelling her first tour in five years alongside the release of her latest album. Citing personal reasons, Lopez expressed her disappointment to fans, assuring them of her intentions to reschedule and make amends.

The couple’s tumultuous romantic history, spanning over two decades, has been a subject of public fascination, culminating in their surprise wedding in Las Vegas nearly two years ago. However, their journey has been marred by challenges, including their initial engagement in 2002, subsequent breakup, and the pressures of tabloid scrutiny.


Celebrity Lifestyle: The sale of Affleck and Lopez’s extravagant mansion offers a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle of Hollywood’s elite. Priced at $60 million, the property symbolizes the couple’s commitment to luxury living and reflects their status as prominent figures in the entertainment industry.

Relationship Dynamics: The decision to sell their shared residence amid rumours of a split raises questions about the future of Affleck and Lopez’s relationship. While neither party has confirmed the speculation, the real estate transaction hints at potential changes in their personal lives and living arrangements.

Media Speculation: The public fascination with Affleck and Lopez’s romance fuels ongoing speculation and tabloid coverage, amplifying interest in their relationship status. The couple’s decision to sell their mansion further fuels speculation, prompting analysis and conjecture from fans and media outlets alike.

Professional Challenges: Lopez’s recent career setbacks, including the cancellation of her tour, add another layer of complexity to the narrative surrounding the couple’s relationship. The intersection of personal and professional challenges underscores the multifaceted nature of celebrity life and its impact on personal relationships


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