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Saturday May 18, 2024
Saturday May 18, 2024

Behind the scenes drama: ‘Home Alone’ nearly shelved due to massive production hitch



When you talk Christmas movies, you can’t miss out on the iconic ‘Home Alone.’ This 1990 gem is etched in global memory, with everyone doing the ‘Macauley Culkin shocked face’ whenever it’s mentioned. It’s practically a Christmas tradition!

But here’s the plot twist: this holiday favorite almost never made it to the big screen. Can you believe it?

The heartwarming yet hilarious tale follows Kevin (played by Macaulay Culkin), the kid left home alone while his fam jets off for Christmas. It’s a riot watching two bumbling burglars facing off against a kid’s genius homemade traps.

Despite being a movie we all know and love, ‘Home Alone’ was on the brink of being scrapped during pre-production. Imagine a world without Kevin McCallister’s antics!

As shared in the behind-the-scenes documentary ‘The Movies That Made Us: Home Alone,’ the scriptwriter John Hughes pitched the concept to Warner Bros. They estimated making the film would cost $10 million and generate decent revenue. But, surprise! The actual cost was closer to $14 million, and that’s when Warner Bros slammed the brakes.

Can you imagine the shock when the cast and crew were suddenly told, “Sorry, folks, no job today”?

But wait for it—the story didn’t end there. Enter 20th Century Fox, the knight in shining armor. They swooped in to rescue ‘Home Alone,’ giving it the green light, much to everyone’s relief.

Then began the mad rush to find the perfect locations. The hunt was on for that iconic brick house that would become the symbol of a specific kind of American life for the next decade, according to Hughes.

And Macaulay Culkin? Well, he was destined for that role. His performance in ‘Uncle Buck’ caught the eye of casting directors, sealing the deal for his spot as Kevin.

The movie turned out to be a goldmine, raking in $285 million at the box office, a feat only matched by ‘E.T.’ and ‘Star Wars.’ For 12 weeks straight, it ruled the holiday season, earning its rightful spot among the greatest Christmas flicks ever. Imagine a Christmas without those booby traps and Kevin’s wit—we dodged a bullet there!


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