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Beachside panic turns hilarious as ‘dead body’ unveils surprising identity



Seaside strollers in Thailand stumble upon shocking scene that leaves them lost for words

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A routine beach stroll took an unexpected turn for visitors at Bang Saen beach in Thailand’s Chon Buri province when what initially seemed like a grim discovery sparked mass panic.

In August 2022, beachgoers stumbled upon what appeared to be the lifeless body of a naked woman partially covered by a blanket. Swiftly, fear and concern gripped the scene, leading to an urgent call to the local police. Fearing the worst—a potential murder victim—onlookers kept a safe distance as paramedics and officers hastened to the site for a thorough inspection.

However, the anxiety that permeated the beach soon dissipated as authorities identified the unexpected culprit: a discarded sex doll. The Japanese model, branded as an ‘AV Idol,’ surfaced on the shore, estimated to be worth around THB 20,000 (£469). Police conjectured that the doll might have been dumped in a canal or river, eventually finding its way to the sea, creating an unintentional spectacle on the beach.

Despite bearing signs of wear, especially the absence of its head, the sex doll spent some time under the watchful eye of the local police at their station—just in case an owner emerged to claim their synthetic companion.

In a bizarre twist of events, this incident mirrors a similar occurrence in May 2022 when a woman in Texas stumbled upon a doll’s head on the beach. Jace Tunnell, director of the reserve, recounted discovering various dolls, including the head of a sex doll, emphasizing the eerie nature of these washed-up companions.

As these unexpected encounters unfold, beachgoers might think twice before jumping to conclusions about the peculiar items washed ashore, turning what could be alarming into moments of unintended amusement.


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