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Bali’s unsung hero: Scooter driver strikes ‘millionaire’ gold after returning tourist’s lost phone



Acts of kindness turn ordinary Bali day into extraordinary windfall for local driver

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In an unexpected twist of fate, a Bali scooter driver became an overnight ‘millionaire’ after displaying a heartwarming act of kindness. The story unfolded when a tourist, Archie, lost his mobile phone on Canggu Beach and decided to enlist the help of GoJek scooter drivers in the area.

Archie set a reward of IDR 2 million for the return of his lost phone and documented the heartwarming search on TikTok. In a video with almost two million views, the drivers rallied together in the middle of the night to locate the phone. When one of the drivers successfully found it, Archie kept his promise and handed the man 20 Rp100,000 notes, equivalent to approximately US $120.

TikTok commenters flooded the video with praise for Archie and the driver, commending their genuine happiness at the successful recovery and reward. One commenter expressed gratitude, saying, “It may be cheap for you, but man thank you, you just made someone’s day. That was a lot for us Indonesians.”

Others lauded the camaraderie among the drivers, noting the absence of jealousy or hatred. The positive response continued, with users expressing happiness for the rewarded driver and drawing parallels between Archie and renowned philanthropist MrBeast.

Archie, embodying the spirit of goodwill, collaborated with the GoJek drivers to accomplish the mission of finding the phone on a dark beach. The generous reward, though not insignificant, left a lasting impact on the community.

The video received overwhelming support, with viewers excited for the rewarded driver and hopeful that the unexpected windfall would be used for something meaningful in his life. Archie’s heartening experience serves as a testament to the power of kindness, turning an ordinary Bali day into an extraordinary one.


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