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Baby owl goes unnoticed in family’s Christmas tree until cleaner’s surprise discovery



Hoo knew? Hidden visitor adds an unexpected twist to Kentucky family’s holiday decor

In a festive tale that could rival any holiday movie, a family in Lexington, Kentucky, recently discovered an unexpected guest in their Christmas tree – a baby owl that had gone undetected for a whopping four days! The charming and surprising incident unfolded as the family, in the spirit of the season, adorned their living room with a carefully chosen Christmas tree.

The unsuspecting family, accustomed to the annual tradition of selecting a festive fir tree, got more than they bargained for this year when a baby owl decided to make their Christmas tree its temporary home. The discovery, or rather the lack thereof, left the family in awe as the tiny owl managed to stay hidden in plain sight for four days.

Homeowner Michelle, who was blissfully unaware of her avian companion, shared her amazement with FOX 56 News, saying, “I have three dogs, we use this room non-stop, watch TV, the kitchen’s right here, no indication.” The revelation came to light when Bobby Hayes, the owner of Magic Carpet & Upholstery, was in the house providing festive pre-cleaning for Michelle’s rugs.

Bobby stumbled upon the baby owl while plugging in equipment, spotting it perched on a lower limb of the tree. As the owl crawled further into the branches, it took Bobby several minutes to locate the camouflaged creature. In an amusing twist, he even sent a photo of himself holding the baby owl to Michelle, who initially thought it was a stuffed animal or an ornament.

The surprised homeowner, Michelle, expressed her shock when she realized the unexpected guest was a real owl, admitting that if she had encountered it herself, she might have left the house in astonishment. Fortunately, Bobby took charge of the situation, safely escorting the little owl to the back yard, where it was released to fly freely.

As the festive season takes a whimsical turn for this Kentucky family, the baby owl’s surprise appearance has added an enchanting chapter to their holiday memories. Here’s to a merry Christmas, complete with unexpected feathery companions.


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