Friday, May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024
Friday May 24, 2024

Conspiracy against Delhi CM, says Atishi; publicity stunt, alleges BJP



AAP’s Atishi accuses BJP-Led centre of “torturing” Arvind Kejriwal in jail, while BJP dismisses allegations as a political manoeuvre

AAP leader and Delhi Minister Atishi has accused the BJP-led Centre of orchestrating a conspiracy against Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, alleging that he is being denied necessary medical care in Tihar Jail. In response, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has labelled these accusations as a publicity stunt.

Atishi likened Kejriwal’s treatment to that of an Indian freedom fighter deprived of food and medicine behind bars. She accused the BJP, along with the Enforcement Directorate (ED) and Tihar administration, of colluding to prevent Kejriwal from receiving insulin and other medicines.

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“For the first time in independent India’s history, a person in judicial custody is being stopped from taking medicine… He is not a gangster or a terrorist, but a thrice-elected Chief Minister,” Atishi asserted.

“He used to take 54 units of insulin as instructed by his doctor… The BJP-led central government and PM Modi are plotting something against the Delhi CM by not allowing him his medicines… his insulin,” she added.

Atishi also criticized the sharing of Kejriwal’s diet and medical details between the Tihar administration and the ED, which she claimed was being used against his bail appeal. She questioned the legal basis for this sharing of information and accused the ED of being a “subsidiary organization of the BJP”.

In response to allegations that Kejriwal ate eggs during Navratri, Atishi clarified that his diet plan was altered for the festival, replacing eggs with upma and poha.

Delhi BJP president Virendra Sachdeva dismissed Atishi’s claims as a political ploy, accusing the AAP of seeking to gain sympathy for Kejriwal. He stated, “The AAP is running a campaign to gather public sympathy for Kejriwal… by comparing him to freedom fighters, the AAP has hurt the feelings of countrymen.”


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