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ASOS bans customer for life after complaint: Retailer faces backlash



Online fashion giant wrongly bans customer for reporting delivery issue

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A TikTok user, Alyssa Bock, has claimed that ASOS, the renowned online fashion retailer, banned her account for life after she lodged a complaint about an order discrepancy. Alyssa, a self-proclaimed ‘regular-ish’ customer, purchased three sweaters from ASOS. However, upon receiving the package, she found it damaged and containing only one sweater instead of the three she ordered.

Alyssa reached out to ASOS customer service to address the issue, initially receiving positive responses. The customer service team assured her that they would investigate the matter and refund the missing sweaters. To Alyssa’s surprise, within 30 minutes, she received an email from ASOS stating that, following a review, she was banned for life as a customer, and the missing sweaters would not be refunded.

In disbelief, Alyssa sought clarification from customer service, only to be informed that she could no longer shop at ASOS. Any attempt to create a new account would result in another ban. Expressing her frustration, Alyssa emphasized that she hadn’t committed any wrongdoing and had not encountered such problems in the past.

A glance at the comments on Alyssa’s TikTok video suggests that she might not be the only person facing such issues. Some users expressed hesitation to shop at ASOS, citing similar experiences where accounts were banned without clear reasons.

This incident echoes the 2019 situation when ASOS announced its decision to deactivate accounts with an ‘unusual pattern’ of buying and returning items. Many customers reported confusion over how they violated ASOS’ policies and faced challenges in processing outstanding returns due to account deactivation.


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