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Archewell foundation’s 2023 impact video sparks speculation of royal comparison



Meghan Markle’s hands-on approach raises eyebrows amidst timing with Kate Middleton’s charitable efforts

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In a surprising move, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Archewell Foundation released a glossy video showcasing its 2023 impact, sparking speculation about a possible comparison with Kate Middleton’s recent charitable work. The timing of the release, hours after Princess Kate shared a video of her activities at a baby bank with her three children, has led to online discussions.

In Kate’s video, she is seen personally selecting donations and assembling boxes for children in need for Christmas. The Archewell video, on the other hand, features Meghan Markle in various hands-on activities, hugging numerous people and engaging in philanthropic endeavors while dressed in glamorous attire. Typically, Archewell shares such videos in January, making the early release unusual.

Some online reactions suggest that the timing might be an intentional effort to divert attention from the Waleses’ good work at the Windsor baby bank. Critics claim the move is aimed at overshadowing Kate’s efforts with a glamorous and impactful display of the Archewell Foundation’s activities.

While some social media users criticized the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, accusing them of seeking attention, others praised their philanthropic work. Supporters commended Meghan and Harry for effectively using their celebrity status to make a positive impact and expressed pride in the results of their efforts.

The debate online highlights the ongoing comparisons and public scrutiny between the royal family members and the Sussexes, especially in the context of their respective charitable activities. As discussions unfold, it remains to be seen how the public and the media interpret the timing and intentions behind Archewell’s latest video release.


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