Wednesday, May 22, 2024
Wednesday May 22, 2024
Wednesday May 22, 2024

Apple iOS 17 camera feature revealed: Users hail laundry care symbol explanation as a ‘life-changer’



Viral video demonstrates how a hidden camera feature on iOS17 is transforming users’ laundry habits

Apple iOS 17 users are praising a recently discovered camera feature that has the potential to revolutionize laundry care routines. A viral video on X showcases the feature, allowing users to take a photo of laundry care labels, swipe up in the Photos app, and receive explanations for laundry care symbols. Fans of the feature believe it will prevent them from ruining expensive clothes and make deciphering care instructions much easier.

One X user expressed gratitude for the newfound knowledge, stating, “This will change my life.” The video demonstrates how the camera feature interprets laundry care symbols, providing users with valuable information. Some users humorously noted that they can now attribute laundry mishaps to iOS if they occur.

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While some users are enthusiastic about the practicality of the feature, others suggested that individuals could simply Google the laundry symbols for information. iOS 17 was released in September, with the latest update, 17.2, addressing security vulnerabilities, including flaws in WebKit and a Bluetooth-related vulnerability. Users are encouraged to update their devices promptly to benefit from the fixes.


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