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Anonymous benefactor surprises toy shop customers by settling $8,300 in checks



Local businessman in western Australia gifts generous sum to toy store shoppers

In a heartwarming gesture during the Christmas season, an anonymous benefactor in Bunbury, Western Australia, has brought joy to customers at Toyworld by paying off a total of $8,300 in checks. The news was initially shared on social media by the store’s owners, brothers Rick and Harvey Baker.

The generous donor, a local businessman, chose to remain unidentified but expressed that he had experienced financial success during the year and wanted to share his good fortune with the community. Rick and Harvey Baker revealed the news after keeping it confidential for about two weeks, surprising customers with the unexpected holiday gift.

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The owners, in an online post, described the joy they witnessed among customers as they learned about the benefactor’s gesture. The donor’s act of kindness is seen as a wonderful Christmas gesture that has uplifted spirits in the Bunbury community.

Harvey Baker shared his astonishment and emotions, stating, “I was gobsmacked, over the moon, and all the emotions that come with it.” The brothers noted that the past few weeks had been overwhelming, especially as they observed the impact of the global cost-of-living and housing crises on parents preparing for Christmas.

Harvey recounted a touching moment when a single father, who recently lost his job, became emotional upon learning that his $275 toy bill was covered by the anonymous donation. The act of generosity served as a significant relief during challenging times.

The story reflects the compassion and goodwill that individuals can extend to their communities, particularly during the holiday season when the spirit of giving is celebrated.


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