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Andre Braugher reveals son’s initial upset over playing a gay character in Brooklyn Nine-Nine



Brooklyn Nine-Nine star opens up about son’s reaction to his role as captain holt

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As fans mourn the passing of Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Andre Braugher, they reflect on the actor’s iconic portrayal of Captain Holt. Braugher once shared a personal insight into his journey with the character, revealing that his son was initially ‘upset’ when he took on the role of a gay police captain as a straight actor.

Andre Braugher played the role of Captain Raymond Holt on NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine, a character who is gay and married to Kevin. Despite being a straight actor, Braugher brought depth and authenticity to the character.

Upon learning about his father’s role, Braugher’s son expressed confusion and questioned why he was playing a gay police captain. The actor emphasized the importance of distinguishing between playing a character with a specific sexual orientation and reducing that character to a stereotype.

Braugher clarified that portraying a gay character doesn’t mean succumbing to offensive stereotypes. He highlighted the significance of presenting characters with dimension, showcasing that being gay is just one aspect of their identity. This distinction was ‘key’ for Braugher, ensuring that the character wasn’t reduced to clichés or used as the ‘butt of the joke.’

Captain Holt’s character in Brooklyn Nine-Nine is praised for breaking stereotypes and being a well-rounded, multi-dimensional individual. Braugher’s portrayal added layers to the character beyond his sexual orientation, contributing to positive representation in the media.

In the wake of Andre Braugher’s death, fans remember his impactful performance as Captain Holt, acknowledging the actor’s commitment to bringing authenticity and depth to the character. Braugher’s legacy extends beyond his acting skills, leaving an indelible mark on the portrayal of LGBTQ+ characters in television.


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