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Amouranth silences critics, reveals astonishing monthly earnings beyond twitch: The untold story



Twitch sensation Amouranth shatters hot tub controversy, discloses staggering $500-600k monthly income on OnlyFans

In a resounding response to accusations from fellow streamer Morgpie, renowned Twitch and OnlyFans star Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has left the online community in awe by disclosing the astonishing figures behind her monthly earnings from explicit content.

The controversy emerged after Morgpie’s claims that Amouranth’s wealth was solely amassed through explicit ‘hot tub content’ on Twitch. Morgpie, herself banned from Twitch due to a topless stream, alleged that streamers like Amouranth exploited loopholes in Twitch’s terms of service, garnering immense wealth in the process.

Amouranth took to her personal X (formerly Twitter) account to dismiss these claims, stating, “Hot tubs aren’t the reason I’m ‘wealthy’,” and denied any rule-bending tactics. In a now-viral tweet, she revealed her staggering earnings, stating, “I was making $500-600k a month on OF [OnlyFans] before hot tubs were a thing.”

The social media star emphasized that her financial success resulted from strategic saving, investments, and unwavering dedication. “Saving the majority of the windfall, investing it, & grinding relentlessly for 12 hours a day for 6+ years consecutively is why I’m wealthy,” she added.

Fans, not only entertained by the public exchange between Amouranth and Morgpie, were also astonished by the streamer’s financial transparency. Praises flooded social media, with admirers commending Amouranth’s entrepreneurial spirit and disciplined work ethic.

As the discussion continues to unfold, Amouranth’s revelation sparks conversations about the evolving landscape of content creation, online platforms, and the financial opportunities that arise within the digital realm.


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