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Amazon bolsters support for entrepreneurs during National Small Business Week



Amazon reinforces its commitment to small businesses with educational initiatives and empowerment tools, celebrating entrepreneurial success nationwide

Amazon has reaffirmed its dedication to fostering small business growth by cosponsoring National Small Business Week for the fifth consecutive year. This annual event offers Amazon a unique opportunity to celebrate its small business partners and emphasize the company’s commitment to aiding their development every day of the year.

Amazon’s journey with independent sellers began 24 years ago when it first allowed them to sell directly to customers through its platform. Today, independent sellers, predominantly small to medium-sized businesses, generate over 60% of sales in Amazon’s stores. These businesses are deeply embedded in their communities, ranging from local shop owners to innovators who have created new brands and products, showcasing a significant impact both locally and globally.

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Throughout National Small Business Week, Amazon participated in a series of events, including a virtual summit hosted by the U.S. Small Business Administration and SCORE. This summit provided business owners with access to educational webinars, networking opportunities, and a range of business resources aimed at enhancing their success. In addition to the virtual summit, Amazon joined various events across different cities to celebrate and promote small business growth.

The company has continued to invest in resources that empower small businesses. Last year, Amazon launched the expanded Amazon Small Business Academy, a free digital resource that provides entrepreneurs with the essential skills needed to launch and grow their businesses. Additionally, as a member of the Small Business Digital Alliance and in partnership with the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration, Amazon is helping small businesses leverage digital tools to reach new customers globally.

During the National Small Business Week Virtual Summit, Amazon showcased a panel of successful entrepreneurs who have utilized e-commerce to expand their businesses. The webinar, titled “Leveraging E-Commerce to Scale Your Business,” featured insights from Amazon selling partners, including Justine Tiu and Adrian Zhang of The Woobles, and Calvin Quallis, founder of Scotch Porter. These entrepreneurs shared their experiences and tips on growing their businesses through Amazon’s platform.


Amazon’s strategic focus on small businesses underscores a crucial element of its broader business model and corporate social responsibility. By supporting small businesses, Amazon not only enhances its marketplace but also contributes to economic diversification and job creation, which are vital for sustainable economic growth.

From a sociological perspective, Amazon’s support for small businesses helps maintain the social fabric of communities by promoting local entrepreneurship, which is crucial for societal stability and cohesion. Economically, facilitating small businesses in accessing a global marketplace allows for increased sales, broader customer bases, and enhanced economic resilience.

Politically, Amazon’s initiatives may serve to improve its public image and relationships with governmental bodies, especially at a time when large corporations face scrutiny for their market dominance. The partnership with federal programs and compliance with trade initiatives also positions Amazon favourably within regulatory frameworks.

Locally, the impact of Amazon’s support is palpable as small businesses become integral to local economies, providing jobs and fostering community development. On a global scale, Amazon’s tools and platforms offer small businesses the unprecedented opportunity to reach international markets, thus promoting global trade and cultural exchange


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