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Amazon delivery driver’s unusual Anti-theft measure: throws Parcel into Tree to Outsmart ‘Porch Pirates’



Creative approach leaves recipient amused and TikTok community in stitches

In a surprising attempt to thwart potential ‘porch pirates,’ an Amazon delivery driver took an unconventional approach by tossing a parcel into a tree. Photographer Heather Rowland, known as @__greensilk on TikTok, shared her unique delivery experience in a video that has since captivated online audiences.

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The TikTok clip begins with a screenshot of a message Heather received from the apologetic driver. The message reads, “Your Amazon delivery has been completed. I apologize for the placement of the package. I was trying to toss it far in haha. Happy New Year!”

Undeterred by the unusual delivery location, Heather is seen in the video climbing the tree to retrieve her package successfully. She humorously mentions spending 20 minutes searching the night before but only noticing the parcel during her morning walk.

While the video showcases the driver’s unorthodox approach, TikTok users applauded the creative strategy to deter potential thieves. Many commented on the driver’s dedication to ensuring the package’s safety while expressing their amusement at the situation.

Porch piracy, the act of stealing packages left on doorsteps, has become a growing concern, affecting approximately 36 percent of Americans, according to security company ADT. The company recommends using video surveillance systems to identify porch pirates for legal action.

Heather’s video garnered numerous comments, with viewers sharing their laughter and disbelief at the driver’s inventive solution. Some speculated about the driver’s intended landing spot, while others appreciated the apology and found humor in the situation.

Heather, understanding the driver’s attempt to navigate a locked gate near her property, expressed no ill feelings, emphasizing the amusing nature of the incident and confirming the parcel remained undamaged.


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