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Amateur Radio Enthusiast Achieves Milestone: Contacts International Space Station from Homemade Device



Doug’s thrilling conversation with NASA astronaut captured in viral video

In an extraordinary achievement, amateur radio enthusiast Doug successfully made contact with the International Space Station (ISS) using his homemade radio equipment. Doug, who had harbored the desire to speak to an astronaut for some time, fulfilled his dream by engaging in a conversation with NASA astronaut Woody Hoburg as the ISS passed overhead in July 2023.

Doug shared the thrilling moment on his YouTube page, where he can be seen repeatedly stating his call sign, “Kilo Bravo 8 Mike,” until he finally establishes communication with Hoburg. The NASA astronaut warmly replies, “Kilo Bravo 8 Mike, NA1SS got you loud and clear aboard the Space Station, welcome aboard.”

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Expressing his excitement, Doug wrote beneath the video: “I’ve made numerous voice and APRS [Automatic Packet Reporting System] contacts over the FM satellites and the ISS repeater. But I’ve always wanted to talk to an astronaut. Over the Memorial Day weekend, I finally made that contact. I made contact with the ISS and talked to Woody Hoburg. What a thrill.”

While astronauts on the ISS often have ham radio licenses and engage in scheduled contact sessions, Doug’s accomplishment is noteworthy as he independently reached out to the space station using his own equipment. Contacting the ISS through ham radio is a complex task, relying on specific positions and timings when the ISS is within line of sight.

NASA, ESA, CSA, and Roscosmos actively participate in the Amateur Radio on the International Space Station program, encouraging educational outreach and interaction with students. Doug’s achievement adds to the instances where amateur operators successfully establish contact with astronauts aboard the ISS during non-scheduled moments.

The video captures not only the technical feat but also the thrill and enthusiasm of Doug as he communicates with the ISS, showcasing the unique and engaging aspects of amateur radio in connecting enthusiasts with the wonders of space.


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