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Alex’s unconventional journey: From anti-eviction activism to french commune living



Unveiling the off-grid odyssey of Alex Batty and family

In a twist of fate, the mysterious return of missing teen Alex Batty to the UK has unearthed a tale of off-grid beliefs and conspiracy theories, offering a glimpse into the unconventional lifestyle of his mother and grandfather.

Friends revealed that Alex’s mum, Melanie, and grandad, David, chose an alternative path, abandoning their life in Greater Manchester to live off-grid, vehemently opposing ‘the establishment,’ banks, and bailiffs.

The duo’s “off-grid” philosophy spanned from anti-eviction activism on Facebook to embracing flat Earth conspiracy theories. Their unconventional beliefs included rejecting the notion of paying mortgages, council tax, utility bills, and even a TV license.

According to sources close to the family, The Times reported that Melanie and David became followers of a movement known as the One People’s Public Trust. This movement claimed to have “legally foreclosed” the global system of governments and companies, essentially wiping out all debts, including bank loans.

Their belief system reportedly evolved through interactions on Facebook, where they connected with a sub-community facing eviction. This led them to form friendships with activists from groups like “Protection from evictions” and “UK mortgage challengers.”

Some of these individuals advocated for the non-payment of mortgages and bills, resorting to strategies such as paying mortgage lenders a symbolic £1 per month. David Batty, facing eviction from his home in Oldham in 2013, reportedly resisted bailiffs with the help of 30 people forming a protective barrier around his house.

The family’s trajectory took an intriguing turn when, through anti-eviction groups on Facebook, Melanie and David befriended a divorced father and former IT consultant. This individual claimed to have discovered a free and limitless energy source. The duo was later invited to Morocco in 2014 to witness a quantum energy generator in action.

While living in Morocco, Melanie and David immersed themselves in a commune, with some group members endorsing conspiracy theories such as the Earth being flat. Melanie eventually moved to Bali with a new boyfriend, leaving Alex behind in Morocco.

Their nomadic lifestyle continued as the Batty family traversed Morocco before settling in France around 2020. Living in a dilapidated cottage in the Pyrenees, they survived by moving within a nomadic community, growing vegetables, and Melanie selling solar panels.

French prosecutors claim that Alex’s alternative life took a toll, leading him to realize it had to stop, especially after Melanie planned to move to Finland. Alex reportedly attempted to enroll in a school in Quillan in Ariège last month, but his identity remained undiscovered.

Toulouse assistant public prosecutor Antoine Leroy provided insights into the family’s unconventional lifestyle, highlighting their fascination with solar panels and a belief in reincarnation. While the term ‘sect’ wasn’t explicitly used, Leroy described their lifestyle as centered around spiritual communities and meditation.

Alex, now tired but in good health, reportedly walked for four days, covering around 15 miles by foot and skateboard. His return to the UK unveils a complex narrative of a family’s unconventional journey, shaped by anti-establishment beliefs, off-grid living, and a quest for alternative energies.


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