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Thursday June 13, 2024
Thursday June 13, 2024

24 shot, 1 dead in Akron overnight shooting at street party



Hundreds gathered for an annual street party in Akron when the night turned chaotic and horrifying, leaving 25 people injured, including one fatality

The Akron Police Department is investigating an overnight shooting that left 25 people injured, including a 27-year-old man who died. The incident occurred at a street party on Saturday night, disrupting what was supposed to be a celebratory gathering.

Around 10 p.m., police arrived at a private residence where a birthday party with about 200 revelers was taking place. Police asked the attendees to disperse due to motor vehicle traffic. However, between 10 p.m. and midnight, people returned to the party. Shortly after midnight, police began receiving calls about shots fired.

At the scene, police found two handguns and multiple types of shell casings, including those from a rifle. Over 35 shell casings were discovered, suggesting a chaotic exchange of gunfire. Despite the extensive evidence, the number of shooters remains unknown, and no arrests have been made.

The identity of the deceased has not been released. Victims of the shooting range in age from 19 to 43. The Cleveland Clinic admitted nine patients early Sunday morning, one of whom is in critical condition. Summa Health received 15 patients, with one remaining in critical condition.

City leaders, including Mayor Shammas Malik and Police Chief Brian Harding, held a press conference on Sunday evening. They described the shooting as a drive-by at a birthday party that spilled into the street. Harding emphasized the need for community cooperation to identify the suspects, stating, “There are people out there who know the person or persons involved, and I implore you to speak up.”

The shooting took place in East Akron, where former Ward 5 Councilwoman Tara Mosley Weems resides. Mosley Weems described the scene as resembling a war zone, with gunshots and screams captured on her home surveillance cameras.

Despite the ongoing investigation, police have not identified any suspects. The city is offering a $22,500 reward for information leading to the identification, arrest, and prosecution of any suspects. City officials acknowledge the community’s distrust in law enforcement and are working to build relationships and encourage cooperation.

Witnesses described the party as a lively event with hundreds of attendees enjoying themselves before the shooting. One witness noted, “Everyone was wearing white T-shirts; there were women on top of vehicles dancing. It looked like a scene from a spring break movie. On our way back, it was a completely different scene.”

In the aftermath, community members gathered at Faith Place First Apostolic Church for worship and prayer. Vincent Peterson, Pastor of Providence Baptist Church, emphasized the need for collective healing and transformation. Kemp Boyd, executive director of Love Akron, stressed the importance of community efforts to bring about change.

Mayor Malik and Chief Harding issued a joint statement expressing their commitment to bringing those responsible to justice. They called for community assistance in preventing further violence and retaliation. “This morning, our city is reeling after the devastation of senseless violence. With more than two dozen victims, the pain and trauma reverberate across all of Akron today as we search for answers.”

As the investigation continues, city leaders remain hopeful that witnesses will come forward with crucial information. They emphasize the importance of community cooperation to ensure safety and prevent future incidents of gun violence in Akron.


The Akron shooting highlights several critical issues, including gun violence, community trust in law enforcement, and the need for collective action to address violence. The incident underscores the pervasive nature of gun violence in the United States, which continues to plague communities despite ongoing efforts to curb it.

From a political perspective, the shooting may reignite debates over gun control legislation. Local and national leaders have called for comprehensive gun safety measures, including stronger background checks and restrictions on high-capacity magazines. These calls reflect a broader demand for policy changes to prevent such tragedies.

Sociologically, the shooting reveals the complex dynamics of community gatherings and the potential for violence to disrupt public events. The transformation of a lively street party into a scene of chaos illustrates how quickly violence can escalate in public spaces. This incident may prompt community leaders to rethink strategies for ensuring safety at large gatherings.

Economically, the aftermath of such violence can strain local healthcare systems and emergency services. Hospitals in Akron were placed on lockdown and faced an influx of patients, highlighting the immediate and long-term costs of gun violence. The financial burden on medical facilities, law enforcement, and the community underscores the need for preventive measures.

Locally, the shooting has left the Akron community in shock and mourning. The incident has disrupted the sense of safety and security among residents, particularly those directly affected by the violence. Community members are now grappling with the trauma and seeking ways to heal and rebuild trust.

Gender and race perspectives are also relevant in this context. Gun violence disproportionately affects marginalized communities, often exacerbating existing inequalities. The victims in Akron ranged widely in age and likely included individuals from diverse backgrounds. Addressing the root causes of violence requires an understanding of these intersecting factors and a commitment to equity and inclusion.

In conclusion, the Akron shooting is a stark reminder of the urgent need for comprehensive solutions to gun violence. It calls for a multifaceted approach that includes policy changes, community engagement, and support for affected individuals. As Akron recovers from this tragedy, the collective efforts of city leaders, law enforcement, and community members will be crucial in preventing future incidents and fostering a safer, more resilient community.


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