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AI’s Christmas movie attempt: A festive flop unveiled



AI-generated Christmas flick with A-listers misses the mark: Christmas in Evergreen Pines—a dull déjà vu?

The holidays always bring a barrage of new festive films promising to light up our screens with cheer. From the classics like ‘Home Alone’ and ‘Elf’ to the more recent favorites, the formula remains familiar: a sprinkle of nostalgia, a dash of romance, and a whole lot of predictability.

So, armed with curiosity, we tasked AI to conjure up a pitch for a potential yuletide blockbuster. With Rachel McAdams and Chris Pratt in leading roles, hopes were high for a potential ‘Elf’ successor.

Yet, the outcome fell flat, lacking any semblance of originality.

Titled ‘Christmas in Evergreen Pines,’ the AI-generated storyline revolves around Emily Harper (played by McAdams), a disillusioned pastry chef who unexpectedly inherits her grandmother’s quaint bed and breakfast in the picturesque town of Evergreen Pines.

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As expected, Emily stumbles upon a box of old love letters and ornaments that once adorned the town’s Christmas tree. Determined to revive the fading tradition, she teams up with Jake Anderson (played by Pratt), the local handyman. Together, they embark on a predictable journey to restore the town’s festive fervor, discovering love and the true spirit of Christmas along the way.

However, the narrative lacks depth, leaving viewers with more questions than answers. Why did the locals stop decorating the tree? Who were the mysterious owners of the love letters, and do they tie into the story?

Despite the star-studded cast—featuring Lacey Chabert as Emily’s city best friend and James Brolin as the wise town elder—the uninspired plot fails to excite. Even powerhouse actors like McAdams and Pratt might struggle to salvage this lackluster storyline.

In the end, it seems AI might need more than just algorithms to churn out a heartwarming Christmas hit. While the technology holds promise, it’s clear that the magic of festive storytelling still lies in the hands of human screenwriters.

So, as much as we adore McAdams and Pratt, let’s hope this AI flop never sees the light of day on our screens—big or small. After all, some traditions are better left untouched, especially when it comes to crafting holiday movie magic.


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